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  • Richard Welling, 45lb 8oz, Treeline, 6.6.15
  • Steve Rocke, 41lb, Pole Position, 6.6.15
  • 30 #23 35.08lbs  Big southerly 6.6.15
  • Richard Welling, 39lb 8oz, Treeline, 6.6.15

Richard Welling, 45lb 8oz, Treeline, 6.6.15


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 06/06/2015

This week on the Main Lake we had a return trip for the lads from Hereford and 2 Gigantica newbies.  

The weather was warm all week with temperatures hovering around the high 20’s to low 30’s. Water temperature is now 20 degrees.

There was a strong wind coming from the east and all week that made casting in the Alamo easier, but for Josh Cook who drew Co’s found he had to cast towards Big Girls to hit his spots straight out in front.

Monday morning and Neil Vaughn was the first into a fish. Fishing in Big Southerly, he landed a 35lbs 8oz Mirror on an IQ D rig with a Hybrid wafter as his hook bait. Neil was fishing 15-rod lengths towards the lodge using a throwing stick to spread 3 to 4 kilos of Hybrid around his area.

On Monday afternoon Aaron “Aza” Smith fishing in Big Girls landed a 32lbs 10oz mirror on an IQ D rig with a Banoffee wafer as his hook bait. Aaron was fishing 8-rod lengths to a hard area to his right with 4 kilo of our new Spicy Active spread around the area.

On Tuesday afternoon Richard “Tiny” Welling finally cracked the code and on his 3rd day of his 3rd trip landed the impressive Equalled at 39lbs 8oz. Fishing tight to the Tree line and again on our New Spicy Active!  Richard was Also using a IQD rigs and Banoffee Wafters with just a few boilies spread around his traps.

On Wednesday afternoon we had 2 fish out, the first for Aaron “Aza” Smith.

After and unexpected move from Big Girls into The Beach

Aaron Smith landed a 20lbs mirror with an IB pop up anchored straight off the lead in light weed 15-rod lengths out in front of the swim

Next Richard “Tiny” Welling was into his second fish of the trip. This time landing Sash Squash at 45lbs 8oz. again fishing tight up to the treeline and using a IQ D rig and a Banoffe wafter.

For our Dutch Friend Victor van Wulfen this was his first time on the big G after cutting his teeth on the brilliant Gigantica Road Lake last year. On Thursday afternoon Victor landed the Nude fish at a spawned out weight of 39lbs, he was using his own boilie mix and pop ups at 24 rod lengths towards Co’s

On Friday morning Gigantica Bailiff Steve Rocke amazed us all by landing Digits at 41lbs on a 22ft zig after only having his lines in for 8 hours after

Returning from a well-deserved holiday. Steve was fishing 30-rod lengths straight out in front of Pole, this was the talk of the lake for the rest of the day and the word jammy was used on several occasions.


We all had a great week with lots of laughs thanks to Andy Phillips and Russell.

Come back soon Guys.


Bonne Pêche