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  • Dan, 52lb, Co's Point, 13.6.15
  • Dan, 48lb 2oz, Co's Point, 13.6.15
  • Dave Pennicatoe,42lb, The Alamo, 13.6.15
  • Dan, 48lb, Co's Point, 13.6.15
  • Our Spicy Wafters already doing the business!!
  • Paul, 42lb, Big Southerly, 13.6.15
  • What a place to be!! A view from Baxter's
  • Dan, 42lb, Co's Point, 13.6.15
  • Dan's Helicopter set-up
  • Dan, 39lb, Co's Point, 13.6.15

Dan, 52lb, Co's Point, 13.6.15


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 13/06/2015

Well its hard to believe that seven days later here we are again. As the old saying goes ‘time most certainly never stands still for anyone’. Already halfway through the year and coming up to the longest day of the year so another seven hopeful anglers ascended upon us here at the Big G.

A couple of regulars this week Rowan Hill and Dave Pennicote. Along with Paul, Bob and Jamie who where back for there second visit and finally two very lucky prize winners from a raffle Dan and James made up the lucky seven this week.

The weather for the week remained unsettled and humid with highs of 29 degrees. A strong Easterly wind blow in some rather heavy storms as the week progressed but all in all a good week was had by all. 

It didn’t take long for the first bite. James in The Tree Line was in at 3am Sunday morning with a mirror weighing 35lb 14oz and already a new PB.  Fishing at 11RL into a small gap James baited with only a handful of boilie and tigers and fished a small Cell wafter over the top. He then followed this up with two commons weighing 26lb 10oz and 18lb. A small amount of bait on a tight area along with a relatively short rig of around 4 inches seemed to be the key and was defiantly proving to be their downfall.

Monday night Paul and Dave also got off the mark. Firstly Paul in Big Southerly had a take at 15RL towards The Alamo resulting in a truly amazing carp. Stoneacres weighing 42lb 10oz and again a new PB. Paul fished a double tiger nut hookbait over a mixture of hemp, tigers and boilie Spombing around 5kg per day. Paul then went on to take two commons on Wednesday night weighing 28lb and 31lb 12oz respectively again on his 15RL spot and again both fell to his double tiger nut hookbait.

After deciding on The Alamo, which is a swim that regular Dave Pennicote knows well and had a decent hit from last year it was no surprise that Dave started getting amongst them early fishing at 30RL towards The Beach and Baxter’s.  Dave went on to take an impressive eight fish haul although slightly unlucky with some of the size’s Dave managed to catch 7 different 20’s but was then rewarded with The Virgin Common at 42lb. Our new Spicy Active wafters in conjunction with 20kg of our new Spicy Active boilie and a few handfuls of tigers proved to be to irresistible. All of Dave’s fish where caught on an IQ D rig of 9 inches tied up on a size 4 Krank hook.

Wednesday night came and what can only be described as a night of hell and one never to forget for Dan in Co’s who had what can only be described as a mental twelve hours landing 6 fish.  The best being Two Time at a healthy spawned out weight of 52lb. The second a fish known as the Clown at 48lb. Then if that wasn’t enough a common weighing 36lb and a mirror of 22lb was the result from a double take. Later that morning Dan went on to catch the Lippy Common at 48lb and Rudder at 42lb to round off a truly amazing twelve hours. Dan also went on to bank another two fish for the week both mirrors weighing 39lb and 22lb giving him a nice total of nine fish. Dan fished at 20RL towards the far bank and baited up with around a 6kg mixture of boilie and tigers per day.

Friday afternoon Skippy in The Stink was rewarded for his efforts as he landed a mint little mirror weighing 22lb. Fishing at 15RL towards the double tree and using a mixture of hemp and tigers Skippy spombed out around 5kg and fished a double tiger nut hookbait over the top on an IQ D rig. A true reward for his efforts.

Well after a slow few weeks with the fish spawning and having a well deserved rest afterwards they are well and truly getting back on the munch. Our New Mainline Spicy Active bait and wafters are already doing the business and is surly going to get better and better the more its introduced.


Until next week.