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  • Dan, 74lb 12oz, Co's Point, 20.6.15
  • Adam, 63lb, The Alamo, 20.6.15
  • Addy, 54lb, The Stink, 20.6.15
  • Dan, 54lb, Co's Point, 20.6.15
  • Dans rig doing the business again this week
  • 2,3,4 50lb8oz Alcatraz 20.6.15
  • Steve Rocke, 46lb, Alcatraz, 20.6.15
  • Baiting up with the boat makes life so much easier.
  • 40lb, The Beach, 20.6.15
  • Sun set over Gigantica
  • Roger Meir, 36lb, Co's Point, 20.6.15
  • Dan, 43lb, Co's Point, 20.06.15

Dan, 74lb 12oz, Co's Point, 20.6.15


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 20/06/2015

As quick as one week ends another begins and after his success in Co’s last week Dan decided to stay on as we had a few empty spaces this week as he felt he had unfinished business with the lake and was rather hoping he could get his self back into Co’s and no doubt couldn’t wait to get amongst them again.

Weather for the week was unsettled and rather humid highs of twenty-nine degrees. Night time temperatures of nineteen made sleeping rather uncomfortable at times.

How’s that for luck after his nine fish last week Dan managed to get back into Co’s and it was no surprise that the first bite came to him early Monday morning. Fishing back on the same spots as last week and baiting with 6kg of Boilie per day Dan was into his first fish of the week. The Nude Fish at 43lb 12oz, a rather nice way to get off the mark. Again back on his 21RL spot.

Steve the Bailiff who was also finding a few fish of late decided on Alcatraz and on the same morning had a take resulting in a fish called 2,3,4 at 50lb 8oz fishing at 20RL towards Big Southerly and fishing over ten kilo of our new Spicy Active boilie and caught using a IQ D rig tied up with 20lb IQ and a size 4 Krank hook and on one of the new spicy Wafters.

Next off the mark was Krystan who decided to double up in The Alamo with Adam. Fishing at 30RL towards The Beach Krystan landed a 42lb mirror. When fishing The Alamo as a pair its always best to fish as a team and fish all the rods at the same range and bait up at the same time. Between them krystan and Adam they introduced around ten kilo of bait per day this being a mixture of Boilie, hemp and tigers spread across all six rods. Krystan used a KD rig tied up on 20lb N-Trap soft and a size 4 Kurv hook, his hook baits being Mainline IB wafters, Krystan then went on to take another two fish both mirrors weighing 29lb and then also a fish called Gilly at 24lb.

Adam who was fishing the right hand side of the swim had his first take on Tuesday morning and his first Gigantica carp was landed and what a fish it was too.  All 63lb of it going by the name of Roberts Fish and smashing his PB by a massive 39lb. To say he was happy was a bit of an understatement.

Early Wednesday morning and a phone call from Dan in Co’s, someone who is no stranger to big fish and his words of; ”Its massive”, you just knew it was going to be a member of the A Team. What was in his net was indeed a massive mirror which was soon identified as the queen of the lake Fudgy’s at a very healthy spawned out weight of 74lb 12oz and a new PB for Dan from a justified effort for the hard work he had put in over the course of his trip here and was nice to see she had escaped spawning without to much stress and still not a mark on her.

Thursday came and as the mist cleared Addy in The Stink could be seen playing a fish and for his first Gigantica carp what a fish it was Starburst at 54lb, an amazing looking carp even by Gigantica standards. Stardust was caught form 15RL towards Co’s and again like his friends Krystan and Adam who where in The Alamo baited with a mixture of boilie, hemp and tigers. A IQ D rig and a Banoffee wafter proved to be just to irresistible for this big mirror.

Also Thursday morning Steve was lucky enough to bag another of his target fish this time the awesome looking Renie’s at 46lb, again like the 2,3,4 caught from 21RL towards Big Southerly on a new Spicy Active wafter.

Even after the session Dan had he continued to fish hard and soon had his third fish of the week this being another big mirror this time the mighty Pips at 54lb to round off nicely what can only be described as a session of a lifetime.



Please take note but unfortunately due to having problems disposing of glass bottles we no longer have bottled beer on site and have moved onto cans.  So if you bring or buy glass bottles you will have to dispose of them yourself.  Thank you in advanced for your understanding and co-operation.


See you all soon.