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  • Steve Cripps, 40lb, Treeline, 27.6.15
  • Simon Mack, 38lb, Co's Point, 27.6.15
  • Liam Ryan, 36lb, The Alamo, 27.6.15
  • Steve Cripps, 33lb, Treeline, 27.6.15
  • A view of the lake
  • Ian Mack, 28lb, Big Girls, 27.6.15
  • Nigel with a scaly Gigantica  mirror
  • The babies are coming along nicely
  • Ready Tied rigs and wafters are as good as any!

Steve Cripps, 40lb, Treeline, 27.6.15


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 27/06/2015

What can I say about the weather this week, HOT HOT HOT.  The daytime temperature was up to 41 degrees and night time temperatures were still at 26 degrees without any wind at all making it really hard to sleep at night. Please make sure you all bring you sun screen with the biggest factor possible to protect you from the sun and make sure you drink plenty of water through out the day because over the next couple of months the temperature will be really high, 


It was Steve Cripps in the Tree Line that had the first carp of the week with the Long Common at 40lb.  It came from the first hole along the tree line, he used a IQ D rig with a Banoffee wafter as his hook bait and he baited up everyday at 3pm with 3kg of our Spicy Active boilies, hemp and tigers. Then on Wednesday he goes and has a 33lb common this time it come from the tip of the fallen tree he was still using the IQ D rig but this time it was on a Spicy Active wafter as his hook bait.


Simon Mack was fishing in Co’s Point and on Sunday morning his right hand rod rips off and he was into his fist Gigantica carp a 38lb mirror called Herbert this one come on a chord rig with a 16mm IB pop up cast out 26RL towards the big round green tree on the far margin what a start to your first trip to Gigantica.


Liam Ryan and Nigel doubled up in the Alamo the first carp went to Liam with a 36lb mirror this come on a IQ D rig with a Banoffe wafter as his hook bait, they were both fishing at 28RL and baiting up with 5kg a day off a mixture of boilies, hemp and tigers.  They were casting there marker out and then baiting up using the boat, which you can hire for a small fee of 30 euros for the week.  The next day Nigel had a nice little 23lb mirror they were both using the Korda ready tied size 4 IQ D rigs.


Ian Mack was in Alcatraz after three days with no luck he moves into Big Girls after seeing a shed load of carp cruising just below the surface on the opposite margin he decides to put out 3 zigs 5ft, 6ft and 8ft and within just five minuets after casting out he goes and has a 18lb common which come on the 6ft zig and then the next day he has a 28lb mirror this one was on the 5ft zig with a small piece of black foam. It always pays to have a move if you don't see any activity in your swim after a few days.


Its been a difficult week at Gigantica due to the very high temperature most of the carp have been taking shelter under the trees around the margins. Hope the weather will change for next week; a nice storm is what we need to clear the air because the humidity is so high.


The carp in stock pond A have been getting bigger every week, its mad that these carp are only one year old and some off them are all ready 2lb 8oz, who knows how big some of these carp will get with the size of some of the carp in the main lake these carp might grow on to be some off the biggest carp in France, 


That’s it for another week here at Gigantica, another great bunch of lads hope to see you all soon.