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  • Craig, 53lb, The Alamo, 4.7.15
  • Andy, 48lb 4oz, Treeline, 4.7.15
  • Craig, 40lb 12oz, The Alamo, 4.7.15
  • Good morning from the Stock Pond swim
  • Craig, 36lb 8oz, The Alamo, 4.7.15
  • IQ D Rigs are as good as any!
  • 35lb10oz Alamo 4.7.15
  • 27lb Stink 4.7.15
  • Craig, 30lb, The Alamo, 4.7.15
  • Mick, 22lb, Big Southerly, 4.7.15

Craig, 53lb, The Alamo, 4.7.15


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 04/07/2015

Well this week can only be described of a tale of two halves, with no real change in the weather during the begining of the week with warm days and hardly any breeze the Gigantica carp could be seen taking refuge around the edges of the trees and anywhere where there was shade. Maximum temperature for the week hovered around the mid thirty’s with night time temperatures of between sixteen and twenty-three degrees.

As dusk draws in on Wednesday evening the skies darkened and brought a rather welcomed change in the weather firstly a really strong North-Westerly blow and a rather welcome down poor lasted around an hour or so, almost immediately the carp became more active and started to give a rather impressive display and where clearly enjoying the cooler more oxygenated water.

Within an hour the first fish of the week was landed, Craig in the Alamo landed a 40lb 12oz mirror and a rather distinct character called Quasimodo. No sooner had the pictures been taken and he slipped him back his middle rod was away also resulting in another mirror at a spawned out weight of 35lb 10oz. Craig was fishing all three rods at 29RL towards the Beach and Baxter’s and was baiting with 6 kilo of our new Spicy Active boilies and tigers per day using a boat. A spicy Active wafter presented on an IQ ‘D’ rig over the top was Craigs rig of choice and hookbait.                 

Next off the mark also on Wednesday night was Mick in Big Southerly fishing at 14RL towards the Lodge Mick had a take just before midnight resulting in a 31lb 8oz mirror again like Craig on the ever faithful IQ ‘D’ rig but this time with a Peaches and Cream wafter from Mainline. Mick baited up every evening just before dark with 4 kilo of boilie and a few handfuls of tigers thrown in for good measures using a Spomb.

Thursday morning came and a much cooler feeling welcomed everyone. Just before breakfast looking from the lodge Craig could be seen bent into his third fish of the week after a long hard spirited battle a 30lb 8oz mirror was his reward.  Again coming from 29RL towards The Beach, then just as midday approached Craig’s middle rod was away resulting in a stunning mirror of 36lb going by the name of Cookies and Cream. A true Gigantica stunner.

No sooner had Craig put back his fifth fish of the week Andy in the Tree Line Landed what can be argued as the prettiest fish we have here at Gigantica, Fred at 48lb 4oz.  To say Andy was over the moon was an understatement. Fishing at 21RL just off the Edge of the dead tree and on a Banoffee Wafter over just a small handful of chopped and whole boilie.

Later that afternoon Craig landed himself a small Scaly mirror from The Alamo. Then just as it turned midnight on Friday he droped a rod onto an area where he had seen a few fish show at 18RL towards the lodge Craig landed a much larger Specimen a common by the name of the Cut Tail Common weighing 53lb a true gem and a good piece of angling. It just goes to show that fishing to where the fish want to be and not where you want them to be can pay dividend as Craig showed with the capture of The Cut Tail common caught from an area that a lot of people would of ignored or over looked.

Not giving in Mick Landed a small Scaly mirror of 22lb from his 14RL again on a Peaches and Cream wafter.

A last gasp effort from Dean in The Stink and he was rewarded for his efforts and his perseverance after unfortunately losing a couple of fish mid week and landed a lovely 27lb mirror caught from 26RL towards The Beach.

Well that’s it for another week as mentioned a week of two halves and just goes to show a unexpected change in the weather which can happen at any time out here due to the fact we have so many big lakes around here. Seeing Fred a truly amazing carp, a target fish for many including Buzz and me was breath taking and a fish any carp angler would love to catch. The Cut Tail common still looking in amazing condition after spawning. I have a strange feeling of what could be over the next few weeks many of the A-Team are still massively over due and could make an appearance at anytime, who knows, that’s why we all love the sport and that’s what makes us return time and time again.


See you all soon.