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  • Steve Rocke, 47lb, Pole Position, 11.7.15
  • Richard Betteridge, 46lb 4oz, The Stink, 11.7.15
  • Buzz, 45lb 8oz, Alcatraz, 11.7.15
  • Richard Betteridge, 42lb, The Stink, 11.7.15
  • Richard Betteridge, 41lb, The Stink, 11.7.15
  • Buzz, 40lb 2oz, Alcatraz, 11.7.15
  • Richard Betteridge, 38lb, The Stink, 11.7.15
  • Sun rise from Alcatraz
  • Steve Rocke, 38lb, Pole Postion, 11.7.15
  • Ed Betteridge, 34lb, Alamo, 11.7.15
  • Buzz, 34lb, Alcatraz, 11.7.15
  • Buzz's rigs
  • Ed Betteridge, 33lb, The Alamo, 11.7.15
  • 33lb Co's Point 11.7.15

Steve Rocke, 47lb, Pole Position, 11.7.15


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 11/07/2015

Saturday is upon us and the weather was looking really good for the first part of the week with it being over cast and with a nice westerly the conditions looked spot on. The temperature is only going to be around 25 degrees in the day and 15 degrees at night.


First carp to grace a net this week was Baby Cluster, which weighed 38lb. Then we had The Survivor at 46lb 4oz, The Virgin at 42lb 4oz a 31lb 4oz mirror and a 20lb 8oz mirror what a great start for Richard Betteridge who was set up in The Stink.  They all come in the early hours of Sunday morning with two of his rods cast towards the V in trees on the far bank at 31RL and the third rod was cast 14RL towards the two green trees to the left of Co.’s Point. Every day he would bait up with 3kg of Hybrid boilies over two rods and just 1kg of tiger nuts over the third rod. The IQ D rig with a balanced tigers and the hinge stiff rig was his choice of rigs for the week.


Then in the early hours of Monday morning it was Ed Betteridge who was in The Alamo. He had a cracking 33lb mirror then as the sun was coming up he had the Richmond Fish at 34lb. All three of his rod’s were cast to a clear area at 33RL, which was in line with the tall tree on the far bank in-between Baxter’s and the Beach.  He was using the hinge stiff rig with a Hybrid pop up as his hook bait and baiting up with 4kg of Hybrid boilies and a kilo of tigers per day. He also had a 4 x 20s to 29lb and a couple of doubles.


Richard was into another carp Monday morning this time it was the Patch Fully at 41lb.  On Tuesday morning he has a 30lb 8oz common, which was a great start to the week with a lot of good carp coming out. When the conditions are right and you are fishing on a clear area you will most defiantly catch these Gigantica carp.


Steve and Buzz the Bailiff at Gigantica were also fishing this week as there were only 8 angler on the lake, they don’t get many chances to fish the main lake because its always full so when they get a chance they make the most of it. Throughout the week Steve had four carp to 47lb and Buzz had five carp up to 45lb 8oz. They were both using the new Spicy Active Boilies from Mainline Baits, with the new Spicy Active wafters as there hook baits.


We had Brian Jorgense a Danish carp angler in Co.’s point. He was fishing to a clear area at 20RL inline with the two round trees on the far bank, he had his first Gigantica carp on Tuesday a beautiful scaly mirror at 33lb,he was using the IQ D rig with a size 4 Korda Kurv with a Banoffee wafter as his hook bait, and baiting up with 3kg of boilies and 2kg of tiger nuts daily.


Gavin Newman was in the beach; he was fishing to a clear area at 25RL inline with the Stink. On Tuesday morning he had a 27lb mirror, which he landed on a Banoffee wafter fished over 5kg boilies and a kilo of tiger nuts that was his second take but he unfortunately he lost the first one.  Then on Wednesday he decided to have a move into Big Girls because the weather had changed the temperature went right up to 35 degrees and the carp decided to move back to the margins were they like a bit of cover from the over hanging trees just to get out of the sun, he put out three Zigs because the carp were just under the surface and it wasn’t long and he was into a mid 20lb mirror.


I’m sorry to say that we have lost Brutus it was found dead in the margin by our Bailiffs, its last capture it went 70lb back in November 2014. I hope our existing and new customers appreciate our complete honestly about Brutus. Our reputation is everything and we would be devastated if an angler felt mislead after booking a holiday to try and catch that fish when it wasn't there.


But on a good note there are still plenty more 70lb plus carp in Gigantica;We have Single Scale, The German Fish, The Immaculate, Chunky, The Galaxy and Shparky also with at least five more high sixty’s that go seventy pounds at the right time of year. Gigantica keeps throwing up these big fish who knows what we have lurking around in there.


That’s it for another week here at Gigantica with another great bunch of lads, until next time.