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  • A view from the Stock Pond swim
  • a view over Big Girls
  • All traps are set in Oblivion
  • Where are these monster's
  • One of the lads going to bait up from Pole Position
  • spombing out the new spicy active boilies
  • Using the Korda throwing stick is a good tactic
  • Get on the Gigantica pop ups that have been goo'd

A view from the Stock Pond swim


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 25/07/2015

The last 2 weeks on Gigantica have been some of the most frustrating that I have ever seen on the great lake. After spawning these carp always go into hiding and we usually see about 10 days with only a few fish being caught. The rulebook looked like it was being stuck too as after their spawning antics we had the usual slow spell and then we had a week with almost 25 fish landed.  However that all happened in just the first few days of the week and then the glorious French sunshine played its part.

Some days have seen the temperatures as high as 41 degrees and whilst it’s nice to top up our tans it just doesn’t do the fishing any favours. These past 2 weeks have been exactly the same, high temperatures have made it extremely difficult to get the carp interested and just a few have been caught. Week commencing the 18th July saw our old mate Pete Reagan back on the venue and he opted to drop into Big Girls. He managed to winkle out 3 fish but by The Main Lake’s standards they were all relatively small. They were all 20lbers. Very well angled though mate and we’ll see you again soon to settle the score. 

The other party on the lake was Father and Son duo Gary and Brandon Lilley. They both started off doubled up in The Alamo but after a while realized that the fish were showing down to their right in front of Big Southerly and Scotties Corner so they moved. It wasn’t long before Brandon was holding up a 36lb 8oz mirror for the cameras.  Good angling mate under very tricky conditions. Whilst Gary didn’t get on the score sheet he still had a cracking time fishing for some of the other species that the lake contains but pick of the bunch just has to be the 3lb Rudd that he caught on Feeder tactics. Well-done mate. 

The following week saw the same pattern of very high temperatures. This time we had 4 guys on.

Robert Jovorcik opted to fish in Co’s Point and was duly rewarded with a 28lb fish.  Roger Meir fished in Pole Position and managed to catch a couple of mid 20’s.  Ian Brown who fished in The Alamo and had a 26lb fish and finally on this week we had Tim Paisley who fished in The Stink. Now Tim is no stranger to this swim as he’s fished it before. He fished it hard all week as he always does and he winkled one out, unfortunately it was one of the lakes smallest residents but under tough conditions welcome all the same. 

Going on past years we know for a fact that the lake is going to kick off very soon, the weather has settled down and the long range forecast looks very promising. For all of you that are coming out in the next few weeks I’m quietly confident that not only will there be bites and more frequent but also one of the big girls will grace a lucky anglers net soon. They are all well due having not been out for a while so it’s just a matter of time.


At Gigantica You get a breakfast roll delivered to your swim every morning at 9am and a main evening meal which is served at 5pm round at the lodge on the main lake, you can order a baguette with a choice of fillings and drinks which will be delivered to your swim lunch time at 12.30pm and if you would like a nice cold 6 pack of beers in a cool box with ice it can be arranged. If you fancy a nice ice cream we can deliver them too.


That’s it for another week here at Gigantica with another great bunch of lads, hope to see you all again soon.