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  • Gary, 59lb, Co's Point, 1.8.15
  • Jon, 44lb, Alcatraz, 1.8.15
  • Dom, 37lb, The Alamo, 1.08.15
  • Sun Rise from The Tree Line
  • Dom with a Scaly mirror

Gary, 59lb, Co's Point, 1.8.15


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 01/08/2015

Well August is here already how time fly’s it only seems like yesterday we where waking up to crisp frosty mornings.  The transformation between winter and summer is just amazing and come August Gigantica certainly looks at its best.

The weather for the week was rather unsettled a lot of this is down to our location and being surrounded by so many big lakes. Highs for the week of 35 degrees where recorded on Thursday and a few of the anglers took the time out to top up there tans.

Fishing in Co’s this week we had Gary and he was quick off the mark as on Saturday night he landed a mirror weighing 37lb. Gary found a lovely spot at 17RL towards Big Girls and baited up with 5kg of Boilies with the aid of a boat on Saturday afternoon. He then topped up each day with a further 3kg before dinner. The plan seemed to be working nicely as on Tuesday night he received his second fish of the week this time a much larger specimen and one that seems to avoid capture an awful lot. Split Spec, at a healthy spawned out weight of 59lb and in fact its first capture in over 15 months. A fish that is destined to go 70lbs come the autumn maybe.

Also quickly of the mark Saturday night was Jon in Alcatraz, a swim that is starting to show a little form after a slow start to the year. Jon landed a mint common of 44lb fishing at 23RL towards Scotties. IQ D rigs and washed out Banoffee wafters where the down fall of this common that goes by the name of Orchid. Jon baited up with 3kg of boilies and ½ a kilo of tigers per day again using a boat.  

In the Alamo this week we had Dom. He was fishing at 30RL towards The Beach and managed 2 fish a good effort considering the conditions again baiting with around 3 kilo of boilie per day. Both of Dom’s fish where mirrors the first weighing 26lb 8oz and was caught Monday night and the second weighing 37lb.


A good start to the week weather wise (for fishing) with much cooler temperatures and a strong Northwesterly wind freshened everything up to which the fish certainty responded but as the week went on and the temperatures began to rise made things a little more tricky! A big hit is just around the corner.          


See you all soon.