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Angler Comments

The weather took a massive turn for the worst this week and made it difficult for UK Eating Team, Peter Jones of Tackle Box, Dartford and Keith Palmer. With minus 4 at 7pm and bitter winds these two accomplished anglers and supreme eaters had their work cut out for them. warming through 8 Gallons of curry is normally a half hour job for underwear model Keith yet in these conditions it took over two hours to fully cook this gastronomic giant.

They fished in Stink and Alamo and Danny T did a night or two in Oblivion and at the end of the week Danny still couldnt explain why they had not caught, especially as some nights there swims were 'black with fish'. Danny T managed a 25lber on the last morning from Oblivion after a night of fish crashing one after the other, 'i should have caught more they were black on me, he said'.

it seems that at this time of the year the fish are affected massively by the weather, it can fish its head off or be super tricky, thats the chance we all take for the fish being at their biggest weights of the year.