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  • Kevin Rogers, 59lb, Big Girls, 5.9.15
  • Big Girls
  • Spombing out the new spicy active boilies
  • 42lb Alamo 5.9.15
  • New Spicy Active boilies
  • Steve Rocke, 29lb, Oblivion, 5.9.15
  • Looking out towards the Tree Line

Kevin Rogers, 59lb, Big Girls, 5.9.15


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 05/09/2015

Well September is here already how time fly’s. The temperature has been around 35 degrees for the past three months and now its down to 15 degrees in the daytime and only 7 degrees at night, that is quite a drop in temperature over the past two week. But very welcome and making it easier to get to sleep at night.


First of the mark was Jason Smith with a nice 28lb mirror. He was set up in the Tree Line with 2 rods wrapped up at 21rl and cast towards the fallen tree and the third one was in the first hole along the tree line where he was baiting up with a hand full of tiger nuts and hemp every other day. A Kamo hook link tied to a size 2 Korda Krank with a single tiger as his hook bait done the trick for Jason.


Steve Rocke our bailiff on site had a nice 29lb mirror on Monday morning just before he reeled in at 7.30am.  He was set up in Oblivion and fishing 23rl towards Baxters, the fish came on the new Spicy Active wafters and he was using a combi rig with eight inches of the Hybrid Stiff and a size 4 Korda Krank hook. He was baiting up every other day with a kilo of Spicy Active boilies and a hand full of tiger nuts.


Then in Alamo it was Leon Brown that had a cracking 42lb mirror in the early hours of Thursday morning. He was fishing at 28rl towards the left of The Beach and he only used five kilos of GLM boilies and two kilos of tigers for the whole week.  Leon was using the IQ D rig with a size 4 Krank hook and a Banoffe wafter tipped with a small tiger nut as his hook bait.


It all went off on Thursday morning, next on the list to have one was Kevin Rogers and he went and had Mr Angry at 59lb. He was set up in Big Girls with his right hand rod cast 21rl towards the reeds where he used two balanced tigers, which were attached to a Hybrid Stiff hook link of eight inches with the hair stripped back on a size 4 Korda Krank hook along with 3 tiger nuts on some PVA tape.  Great skills mate.


Alan Hewlett was set up in the Alamo with his mate Leon, it was Saturday morning at 6am that Alan had his first take for the week. He was fishing at the same distance as Leon at 28rl but he was casting to the right of Baxters. Then into his net went a cracking 48lb mirror, caught on a Banoffe wafter tipped with a small tiger nut done the job for Alan, his rig was a simple IQ D rig with a size 4 Korda Kurv hook. What a way to end a hard week going home on a high with a 48lb mirror great angling mate and well deserved.


We will be half way through September next week and winter is on its way, so we think in next couple of months there will be some big chunks coming out. That’s it for another week here at Gigantica with another great bunch of lads, hope to see you all again soon.