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  • William Swift, 55lb, The Alamo, 12.9.15
  • The walk round before the draw
  • what a beauty starburst at 55lb
  • A Veiw from Co's Point
  • The new Spicy Active a sure winner here at Gigantica
  • Buzz, 41lb, Baxter's, 12.9.15
  • IQD rig with a banoffee wafter
  • A veiw from the Stock Pond swim
  • Mainline hybrid wafter over mainline hybrid boilies

William Swift, 55lb, The Alamo, 12.9.15


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 12/09/2015

The weather was totally different this week, wet and windy and a massive storm on Wednesday afternoon just before dinner when the heavens opened. That cooled the water temperature right down to around 20 degrees; the air temperature was around 16 degrees in the day and eight degrees at night, we had W to NW winds for the majority of the week.


We had ten keen anglers all ready and waiting at the gate early on Saturday morning, what could this week bring? After the gate opened at 1pm they were all ready for the walk round and there were some new bees and some regulars on this week. So after the rules have been read the draw is done to see who’s going where that is the question?


Andy Boucher and William Swift went into The Alamo and after a couple of nights with no action Andy moved into the Tree Line. It wasn’t long after moving that Andy had a take on his left hand rod with the bobbin pulling up tight, fish on.  After a little battle the fish went into to net and it was the Black Eyed Linear at 35lb.  His rod was cast at the first hole along the tree line were he had on two small tigers on a size 4 Kurv hook with eight inches of 20lb IQ flouro hook link with a hand full of tiger thrown in around his rig which he done from the bank, well worth the move.  


Buzz one of our bailiffs was set up in Baxters as no other angler wanted to go in there and then on Wednesday morning at 7am his right hand rod rips off and after a battle the mirror goes into the net. Its The Cheese at 41lb and what a cracker it is, he was fishing at 21rl in between Big Southerly and The Stink. A Gigantica Banoffee wafter fished over the Mainline Spicy Active boilies using only one kilo spread over all three rods done the job on this occassion. It sometime pays to fish a different coloured hook bait than the ones you are feeding as fee bee’s.


William Swift was left to him self in The Alamo after Andy left to go in the Tree Line he decide to fish over Andy’s bait that he put in on Saturday and Sunday.  He was fishing at 22rl to the right of Baxters and it was Thursday morning at 11am that Williams rod ripped off after a great battle the carp went into the net.  Starburst at 55lb and what a beauty it is, that smashed his PB by 20lbs aswell. The old Hybrid boilie toped with a Spicy Squid wafter done the job for William, dreams do come true.  Then after weighing the fish we do a few water shots for him and our records, all because anything over 50lb you have to have your photos taken in the water so it helps to bring a pair of waders with you just in case.


At Gigantica You get a breakfast roll delivered to your swim every morning at 9am and a main evening meal which is served at 5pm round at the lodge on the main lake. You can order a baguette with a choice of fillings and drinks which will be delivered to your swim lunch time at 12.30pm and if you would like a nice cold six pack of beers in a cool box with ice it can be arranged, also if you fancy a nice ice cream we can deliver them too.


The fish are feeding well out in open water and our own Banoffee wafters and Spicy Active wafters still remain the best hook baits to use, the perfect match to our exclusive Spicy Active boilies from Mainline. If you can fish in low lying weed rather than totally clear areas still with slow sinkers or bottom baits you will catch more than off the big clear area. And if the weed is deeper, you can always use the naked chods with our own Banoffee pop-ups are a top choice.

That’s it for another week, would like to thank all the lads this week and hope to see you all here next year, we will see a few of you at the end off this year too!!