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  • Sam Holt, 47lb, Baxter's,. 19.9.15
  • Tom dove's little crew
  • 33lb Alamo 19.9.15
  • Gary Pallen, 36lb, Pole Position, 19.9.15
  • Sun rise over the Big G
  • All the main lake group
  • Gary Pallen, 38lb, Pole Position, 19.9.15

Sam Holt, 47lb, Baxter's,. 19.9.15


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 19/09/2015

Know sooner has one week ended another begins. With ten anglers descended upon us here on the Big G for a crack to try and out fool some of the Gigantica residence.


The weather was overcast for most of the week with a few showers mid week and with NW to W winds all week.  The temp was 18 degrees in the day falling to eight degrees at night. Lake temp was 16 degrees. 

First of the mark was Gary Pallen who was in Pole Position with Baby Weld at 38lb. He was fishing at 27rl to the right of the Stink where he was baiting up with T1 from Baitcraft, which he started off by putting in four kilos of boilies and a had full of tigers over all three rods every other day. Then on Wednesday morning at 7am he goes and has Petal at 36lb and what a beauty it is. The spot he is fishing is working really well with not to much bait with little and often being the way forward. 

Jake Wildbore who was set up in Oblivion had a take Wednesday night but unfortunately the hook pulled out just before he was going to land it. The same thing happened to Baz who was set up in Alcatraz and he had a take on his left had rod which was cast 23rl towards Scotties Corner which also come off sadly. 

Sam Holt was set up in Baxters and he was fishing at 10rl towards Alamo where he had The Weld at 47lb. He was baiting every day with a small amount of tigers and boilies over a small area where he had all three rods. A 4 inch Hybrid Soft hook link with a size 4 hook and two small tigers doing the job. Sam was out here with his mates on a birthday trip, which included Tom Dove, Scott Dove, Jake Wildbore and Warren Dolan. What a great bunch off lads too and did they have some laughs. 

Then it was Tom Dove’s turn with a nice 33lb mirror on Thursday morning which was well deserved as the last take he had he lost it due to a hook pull. He was fishing 29rl to the right of Baxters where he had two rod and his third rod was cast 27rl towards the big tree in-between Baxters and The Beach were he was baiting up with a mixture of boilies and tigers. 

On Friday morning Gary Pallen in Pole Position had his third bite of the week and he had a nice 33lb mirror. He was still fishing at 27rl to the right of The Stink and baiting up with between three and four kilos of boilies and a had full of tiger every other day with his rig for the week beingr a simple IQ D rig with a size 4 hook and a T1 bait craft wafter.       

At Gigantica You get a breakfast roll delivered to your swim every morning at 9am and a main evening meal which is served at 5pm round at the lodge on the main lake.  You can order a baguette with a choice of fillings and drink for lunch, which will be delivered to your swim at around 12.30pm and if you would like a nice cold six pack of beers in a cool box with ice it can be arranged aswell or even if you fancy a nice ice cream we can deliver them too. 

The fish are feeding well out in open water and our own Banoffee wafters and Spicy Active wafters still remain the best hook baits to use and the perfect match to our exclusive Spicy Active boilies from Mainline. If you can fish in low lying weed rather than totally clear areas still with slow sinkers or bottom baits you will catch more than off the big clear area. And if the weed is deeper, you can always use the naked chods with our own Banoffee pop-ups are a top choice. That’s it for another week we would like to thank all the lads this week and hope to see you all here next year.