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  • Paul Clement, 52lb, Pole Position, 26.9.15
  • Thomas, 41lb, Alcatraz, 26.9.15
  • Thomas, 42lb, Alcatraz, 26.9.15
  • Thomas, 31lb, Alcatraz, 26.10.15
  • Gary, 52lb, Big Girls, 26.10.15

Paul Clement, 52lb, Pole Position, 26.9.15


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 26/09/2015

Autumn has well and truly set in at Gigantica with a strong easterly wind gusting to 30mph all week, but still we had blue skies and it was warm.

Sunday lunchtime saw a low-pressure system move through and that evening we had fish on the bank. Paul Clement who was in Pole Position started Sunday’s action landing the Freak at an impressive 52lbs on an IQ D rig; Paul was fishing 27rl wraps straight towards the Alamo with all three rods over a 3kg of boilie.

Following up Paul’s success was Gary in Big Girls, Gary had a great catch landing White lines at 51lbs Great angling mate.

Monday morning it was now a turn for Thomas in Alcatraz, Thomas was fishing 30 wraps towards the stink over 3kg of boilie had a great morning landing 2 fish within an hour of each other. The first was a nice mirror at 42lb and he then followed this up with Wodka at 41lb, needless to say Thomas was well made up with this result.  

The weather changed for a few days with a high pressure working its way across eastern France the weather remained warm and bright but the shows out in the lake slowed down a little, then Thursday another low pressure flew in. 

Thursday evening was Thomas’s turn, again off the same area as before he landed two more fish this time landing mirrors of 31lb and 35lb.  Thomas really worked hard for these fish as the wind had veered slightly and was blowing straight towards him making marking casting and spodding nearly impossible but Thomas persevered and was truly rewarded for his efforts. 

Alcatraz was obviously the swim of the week but with 6 fish in total for the week who knows what the big G has in store for us next week.


Bonne Pêche