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  • Andrew Gibbins, 57lb 14oz, Co's Point, 10.10.15
  • Steve Cliff, 45lb 14oz, Pole Position, 10.10.15
  • Billy The Golfer, 42lb 8oz, The Alamo, 10.10.15
  • 34lb Alcatraz 10.10.15
  • Steve Cliff, 31lb, Pole Position, 10.10.15

Andrew Gibbins, 57lb 14oz, Co's Point, 10.10.15


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 10/10/2015

Well after a whole year of waiting it was time of the eagerly awaited mates trip. A week that was sure to be full of entertainment and hopefully a few of the Gigantica scaly residents would also make an appearance.

First to arrive was Billy and Chris ‘The Golfers’. And no sooner had the talk of rigs, baiting and swims began. With a cold north easterly wind blowing it was mentioned that everyone would want to be on the back of the wind over towards The Alamo, Stink or Oblivion area. With that the reminder of the troops arrived. Back for another week at Gigantica was Steve, Greg and Andrew and along with three Gigantica virgins Jake, Dave and John.

The weather for the week was cold and at times struggled to get into double figures due to the cold air being pushed across from the Alps. The water temperature was dropping fast too and was now around fourteen degrees. But never the less the lads where determined to have a good time and hopefully the carp gods would pay a visit.

With a massive drop in day and night time temperatures it took until Monday morning for the first fish to be landed and that came to Chris in Alcatraz who was fishing at 25RL straight out.  Chris had now caught his first ever Gigantica carp a mirror weighing 34lb. Fishing over a small amount of hemp, tiger nuts and Mainlines Spicy Active boilies Chris fished a snowman style hookbait on a supple braided rig. The smile on his face said it all. Justice had been done after losing a couple of fish on his previous trip.

Steve (The Apache) Cliff was next of the mark in Pole Position and know surprise really as he’s an angler that is relentless and never stops thinking. It was only a matter of time after switching to a full running rig setup and a supple braided hooklink he soon had what can only be described as a true gem of a carp. Not massive by Gigantica standards but a fine specimen. A fish that goes by the Name of 2 C's and weighing 45lb 14oz caught on a double tiger nut hookbait over 3 kilo of boilie and a handful of tiger nuts at 27RL.

Next of the mark was Andrew in Co’s point. After a steady take and a hard powerful fight it was clear he was connected to a much larger specimen. The Clown at 57lb 14oz was his reward. Andrew fished at 28RL towards the bald spot and baited with a mixture of chopped and whole boilies along with a few handfuls of tiger nuts. Rig wise Andrew used a combi rig and a critically balanced tiger nut hookbait.

No sooner had we done Andrews photos, Steve had landed his second fish of the trip another mirror this time weighing 31lb again from the 27RL spot.

After a hard week but never failing to give up Billy in The Alamo had he’s reward an amazing carp that goes by the name of Makers Mark and weighing a very healthy 42lb 8oz. Billy fished at 29RL and baited up with a few kilos of his own made boilies and fished simple bottom baits on the hair.

Sadly all good things come to an end and what a week it was with so many laughs and jokes. Chris’s cheese and wine party went down a treat on Tuesday night, so much so in fact it went down that well that Thursday night brought around round two and again more wine was flowing and a lot more cheese got eaten. The banter was flying around the radios all week as well as the odd game of darts or three. See you all next year Lads. 

The sudden drop in temperatures was a bit of a shock to the carps system after a long hot summer but now Autumn is well and truly here and we are all very much looking forward to the next coming month or so as it’s a super time for big fish here at Gigantica. Last year during this period we done four new seventy pound fish aswell as others making the jump from fifty to sixty and even forty to fifty so what lies a ahead who knows.