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  • Cluster at 73lb from Big southerly in September 2015
  • Peder Lichtenberg, 72lb, Oblivion, 17.10.15
  • Peder Lichtenberg, 47lb, Oblivion, 17.10.15
  • Christian, 41lb, Big Southerly, 17.10.15
  • Magnus, 29lb, Beach, 17.10.15

Cluster at 73lb from Big southerly in September 2015


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 17/10/2015

Well it’s that time of the year again and the arrival of the Vikings.  Twelve months has passed already since their last visit, which also means we are coming to the end of yet another Gigantica season. But nevertheless it was sure to be a good week as they certainly know how to enjoy their selves.  As well as the banter, food, laughs and jokes these boys certainly know how to catch a carp or two and have always done well out here no matter what they are up against!

Weather for the week started off rather chilly with lows down to zero degrees at night and the days struggling to get much above double figures. But towards the end of the week the temperatures started to rise again and conditions became much more pleasurable.

It didn’t take them long to stamp some authority on the place either and what a way to do it. Long time regular Christian in Big Southerly received a take early Sunday morning fishing 16RL to the green fence.  A fish that is easy recognizable due to a cluster of scales along its flank, a fish that hasn’t been caught in over two years either.  The mighty Cluster, a fish that loves avoiding capture and looking absolutely massive too. 73lb was agreed on the scales and a carp that just looks pure evil. A massive achievement and a fish of a lifetime. Christian fished over a small handful of boilies and fished a matching wafter hookbait on an IQ D rig.

The same morning Magnus in The Beach also got off the mark with a mint heavily scaled mirror-weighing 29lb, a fish that goes by the same of Pebbles. Magnus fished at 20RL towards the Stink and baited with two kilo of boilies spread over a large area.

The next bite came on Wednesday morning and next off the mark was Peder in Oblivion. Out of the blue he had a take at around 11am and another massive fish had slipped up to the big Dain.  The Twin at 72lb, again first time over 70lb and another new 70 for Gigantica.  Also making that two new seventy pounders in a matter of days, truly amazing. Peder fished at 25RL towards Baxters and spread four kilos of boilies over the area using a throwing stick.

A snowman style hookbait fished on a KD rig was enough to fool the big mirror.

At almost the same time as Peders fish Christian in Big Southerly landed his second fish of the week again from 16RL another fish that is easily recognizable due to is distinct shape and a true character The Cod at 41lb.

The following morning Peder was in again this time The Survivor at 47lb, also taken from his 25RL spot towards Baxters.

Over in Scotties Corner we had Miguel and after losing a fish on Sunday his patience paid off on Thursday morning he landed a mirror weighing 26lb. Miguel fished at 17RL towards the fallen tree and baited with around a kilo of boilies.

Well what a week, two fish that have not been out for a while turn up and go over 70lb. Two new fish to add to are ever increasing list of seventy pounders too. With the weather looking good for next week who knows what surprises we may have. Bring on Single Scale.