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  • Buzz, 65lb, Alcatraz, 24.10.15
  • Buzz, 64lb, Alcatraz, 24.10.15
  • IQ D rig with pop up maze out fooled these carp
  • Christian, 44lb 8oz, Beach, 24.10.15
  • Steve Rocke, 36lb, Pole Position, 24.10.15
  • Peder Lichtenberg,35lb 8oz, Oblivion, 24.10.15
  • Peder Lichtenberg, 44lb 8oz, Oblivion, 24.10.15
  • Peder Lichtenberg, 36lb 8oz, Oblivion, 24.10.15

Buzz, 65lb, Alcatraz, 24.10.15


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 24/10/2015

Well after the success of last week and two new seventy pounders on the bank it was clear that some of the bigger residents where having their autumn feed up.  The months of October and November have always been a great time for big fish here at Gigantica.

The weather for the week was what you would expect really for late October a mixture of everything but mostly we were blessed with sunny days and cold nights. Highs for the week where seventeen and a chilly night time temp of four were recorded on Wednesday night. Water temperature remained at eight degrees. 

First off the mark this week was our Danish friend Peder who was on for his second of his two week stint. After his success last week in Oblivion, he had no hesitation in dropping back into the swim.Fishing 24RL and on Monday night landed the up front common at 36lb 8oz. A snowman style set up on a nine inch KD Rig was Peders rig and hook bait of choice. Through the week He went on and had the Grey Platted at 44lb 5oz and The English Fish at 35lb 8oz.                                                                                          

Next off the mark was bailiff Buzz who decided on the unfancied Alcatraz. Fishing at 23RL towards Scotties Corner. Tuesday night the carp could be heard everywhere in the area and at 6am his left hand rod was away which resulted in a 33lb common this was then quickly followed by his second take of the night a much larger specimen.  Ziggy Stardust at 64lbs caught on three pieces of fake corn over a bed of maze and hemp.                                                                                                               

That same Morning Steve fishing in Pole Position had a take from 28RL that resulted in a heavily scaled mirror weighing 25lbs. Fishing over three kilo of boilie and fished double 15mm wafter hook bait on a 10” Dark Matter hook link fished as a running rig.

Dawn came on Wednesday morning and Buzz was in to another fish. Again from his 23RL spot towards Scotties. His second sixty of the week also. Roberts Fish at 65lb was his reward, a truly amazing carp. Taken on his ever faithful plastic corn rig, over a bed of maize and hemp.

Also off the mark on Wednesday was another of are Danish friends Christian who like Peder was also on for his second week.  This week Christian decided on The Beach after seeing a lot of fish in the area at the end of the previous week. Fishing at 18RL towards The Alamo a steady take resulted in a very recognizable fish, Snags Linear at 44lb 8oz. Christian fished over three kilo of boilie spread over a wide area and fished a 15mm wafter on an IQ D rig over the top.                                                   

Thursday morning and Steve in The Alamo also banked his first Gigantica carp of the week in the shape of a 34lb mirror.  Steve fished at 31RL towards The Beach and fished a double tiger nut hook bait fished over a small amount of freebies.                                                                                                     

Steve received his second take of the week which resulted in a very pretty mirror that goes by the name of Soft Focus, not massive by Gigantica standards but a fish that would be welcome in anyone’s net. That’s one of the many beauties here at Giagntica, you just never know what your connected to whether it’s a pretty scally mirror or a bruit of a mirror that’s over seventy or eighty pounds even.  Every bite really does get your heart racing.