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  • Rigadon 40.04
  • Alcatraz 34

Rigadon 40.04


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Angler Comments

This is the first week of our new season and we are as green to what works on this water as anyone else.

Our two paying customers started in The Pink and The Stink and moved around during the week without success. in handsight sticking to one swim and baiting it consistently would have brought better results.

Danny F and Neil came over for just 3 nights to help Danny T finish building the last of the palatial swims, Alcatraz, Pole Position and The Stock Pond. Danny writes 'I never knew how much hard work it would be building swims, aftre each day i was f+++ed! i fished in Alcatraz whislts it was being built and managed a stunning upper double on the second night and an even more stunning 34 we nicknamed Alcatraz on the last night. I spodded our particle mix and chopped Cell boilies for the first two nights but was too tired on night 3 so used the boat. The fish were clearly not scared of the 6 foot scaffold poles being banged in the swim during the day. A very satisfying few days topped off by Neil AKA Rigadon getting a new 40 at 40lb 4oz fcasting over to the Stock Pond out of bounds bank right in the edge. Good angling mate'!

Danny continues 'This is my first taste of the water at this time of year and i reckon you cannot use enough bait, i would start with a 10 litre bucket of particle, pellets and boilies or at leats 5kg boilies on day one and build that during the week. The fish have woken up and are looking for food!