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  • Ashley Shave, 41lb 8oz, Treeline, 31.10.15
  • Andy Askew, 32lb 4oz, Beach, 31.10.15
  • 20lb common tree line 31.10.15

Ashley Shave, 41lb 8oz, Treeline, 31.10.15


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 31/10/2015

Well November is here and the weather is so mild you would still think you were in early September, with southwesterly winds and temperature up to 18 degrees through the day and eight degrees at night you would not believe we are in November.  As the nights get darker earlier this time of year at around 6pm there has been lots of fish activity just after dark, fish have been showing all over the lake with some really big fish jumping out they must be getting ready for the winter lets hope they have a big feed up over the next few weeks.  The bigger fish are starting to come out now with two of the 70s and two of the 60s coming out over the last couple of week.

With another ten anglers this week waiting at the gate they were all eager to get fishing with a few regulars and some new bees all hoping to catch these massive Gigantica carp.

Ashley Shave was set up in the Tree Line, after a few days of fishing tight to the tree line he decided to try the open water to his right hand side.  He picked his first spot that he found with his marker rod, which was a nice clean smooth area at 20rl towards The Alamo and his second spot was again 20rl but this was towards The Stink.  He decided to just put out one kilo of boilies over his left hand rod that was inline with The Stink, he used his throwing stick to bait up as this was working well the week before.  Then on Wednesday morning Ash goes and has a take on his middle rod after a good battle he land a 41lb 8oz mirror which goes by the name of Broady’s mirror and as he lands that his right hand rod rips off and this one was a nice 20lb common.  A simple blow back rig with a size 4 Kurv hook set up in a snowman style with a four bait stinger done the job for Ash.

Andy Askew was set up in The Beach, he was fishing all three rods wrapped up at 22rl and he was casting them towards the left of The Stink.  He was using his throwing stick to scatter his boilies over a large area and he used about five kilos of boilies throughout the week.  A balanced bottom bait on a braided hook link of eight inches with a size 4 Kurv hook done the job.  Then on Wednesday moring he had a take on his left hand rod and he landed a nice mirror that weighed 32lb 4oz, which goes by the name of The Richmond fish,  

Well that’s it for another week here at Gigantica with another a great bunch of lads its been a tough week but they have all enjoyed it with some great banter around dinner time, hope to all see you here again soon.