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  • Roger Maier, 43lb 12oz, The Alamo, 07.11.15
  • Steve Rocke, 42lb, PolePosition, 07.11.15
  • Buzz, 39lb, Alcatraz, 07.11.15
  • Christopher, 38lb 8oz, Big Southerly, 07.11.15
  • Buzz, 34lb, Alcatraz, 07.11.15
  • 27.00lbs mirror Stock 07.11.5

Roger Maier, 43lb 12oz, The Alamo, 07.11.15


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 07/11/2015

Another week down and another week closer to Christmas. With the weather being so mild you wouldn’t believe it was nearing the middle November.  Highs for the week of twenty-one degrees were recorded on Saturday afternoon with night time temperatures of no lower than twelve and with the water temperature remaining at eight degrees.

The first take of the week came to Roger in The Alamo early Monday morning, which resulted in a stunning mirror of 43lb 12oz, a fish that goes by the name of Stoneacres a cracking fish by anyone’s standards. Roger fished at 27RL towards Baxters and fished a snowman style hookbait over a kilo of Mainline Cell.

At almost the same time as Roger, Buzz in Alcatraz also received his first take of the week from a spot at 31RL towards Big Southerly. Again like Roger fishing over a kilo of Cell boilies but with a double 15mm Cell bottom bait tied to an IQ D rig and a COG lead setup, his reward was Air Con at 34lb.  A fish that would be welcome anywhere and was looking amazing in its autumn colours.   

On Monday night the weather changed slightly and during Tuesday morning we where greeted with a strong southerly blowing. With that fish could be seen crashing regular towards The Stink and Big Southerly area sometimes two or three at a time.  It was no surprise really to look over and see Christopher playing his first Gigantica carp of the week. After a hard and spirited battle he soon had under control what looked like a mid thirty mirror. 38lb 8oz it went on the scales and in fact another recognizable fish.  This one was Secret Saundaz, again in tiptop condition and looking in amazing condition.

Wednesday morning and with that Buzz was greeted with his second fish of the week, this time The Upfront Common at 39lb.  Taken from 31RL towards Big Southerly and again on the double hookbait setup.

At almost the same time as Buzz, Steve in Pole Position received a take off of a spot at 28Rl towards The Alamo.  The result was The Unattended at 42lb.  Steve fished over 2 Kilo of Cell boilies and fished a double 15mm wafter hookbait over the top on a ten inch supple braided hooklink and a inline lead setup.

Fishing next to Steve we had Kojak who on Thursday morning landed his first Gigantica carp of the week not massive by Gigantica standards but certainly one of the lookers, a smaller scaly mirror weighing 28lb. Kojack fished at 27RL towards the spit and baited up with a kilo of boilies and fished a double standard hookbait on the hair.

A total of six fish for the week and with the weather set to say mild things are looking good for a few more bites next week.  Small amounts of bait and boilie hook baits seem to be doing the business.  The bites seem to be very localized, 7am seems to be a good time at the moment as fish are being hooked all around the lake at this time.

We cant emphasize how useful the bailiffs advice is at this time of year they are out there living, breathing and seeing the lake on a daily basis and seem to be catching a few themselves also. So if you’re going to be visiting us over this very tricky period remember the bailiff’s advice is priceless.

Someone is due a monster real soon, the lake owes us one.



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