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  • Buzz, 39lb, Alcatraz, 14.11.15
  • Buzz, Ugloe, Alcatraz, 14.11.15
  • Buzz, 24lb, Alcatraz, 14.11.15
  • Buzz, 20lb, Alcatraz, 14.11.15

Buzz, 39lb, Alcatraz, 14.11.15


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 14/11/2015

Winter is truly here wet and windy all week with temperatures down to six degrees in the day and only two degrees at night.  The nights are really getting long now as its now dark at 4.30pm and not getting light untill 7.30am. 


With just two anglers on this week we advised them to spread out so Jason went in Co’s Point and John went in The Alamo, we advised them that they would only need to use half a kilo of boilies over each rod as this is what the bailiffs have been doing to good effect for the last few weeks.


John who was in The Alamo had a take Sunday night and landed a nice 41lb mirror and this was his new PB fish.  But unfortunately as he could not get hold of one of the bailiffs he took a picture on his phone with the fish on the mat.  The two bailiffs on site are on call 24 hours a day, but if by any chance you catch a fish and you can't get hold of them on there mobile because of bad reception then please put the fish into the retaining sling and come round to the caravan and give them a knock on there room door, they wont mind at all.


Buzz the bailiff had a nice 25lb mirror Sunday morning, he was fishing in Alcatraz and his right hand rod was wrapped up at 25rl and cast to the left of The Stink.  He was baiting up with around 50 Mainline Cell boilies, just enough for one bite at a time and he was using the IQ D Rig with a size 4 Korda Krank hook with a double Mainline Cell boilie as his hook bait.  He went on to have another three carp all around the mid twenties, apart from on Thursday morning he had one off of DF's hit list carp, which goes by the name of King Fully at 39lb.  This one come off of his long range rod which was cast 31rl towards the orange marker which is inline with Big Southerly.  Buzz caught it on a white Gigantica Banoffee pop up on a hinge stiff rig poped up about an inch off the bottom and he baited up with around 50 Mainline Cell boilies over the spot.


Steve, the other bailiff, was set up in Pole Position and he was fishing to a hard spot at 27rl towards the right of The Stink, where he had a nice 21lb common on a combi rig with a size 4 Korda Kurv fishing a single Mainline Cell boilie as his hook bait.  Steve used half a kilo of Mainline Cell boilies around the spot to tempt his fish.


Well thats it for another week here at Gigantica, with seven carp being landed and two fish lost not bad for this time of year.  It goes to show that small amounts of bait is the way forward here at Gigantica and we recommend the Mainline Cell as a good bait option to use here in the winter and please read the catch report the weeks leading upto when you are due to come out and try to go in the swims that have been doing the fish.  Don't pick the swim before you get here as that is what a lot of anglers do as they watch the videos and go in the swims that are most popular in them and not where the fish have come out of the weeks before.


We have also opened up a new shop here at Gigantica which is selling Korda items, Gigantica clothing and a selection of Mainline Bait products.  Even if you are not fishing at Gigantica and are passing by please fill free to pop in and check out our new shop.