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  • Dave Stone, 71lb, Big Southerly, 28.11.15
  • New Gigantica shop
  • Gigantica clothing range
  • Korda range

Dave Stone, 71lb, Big Southerly, 28.11.15


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 28/11/2015

Winter is truly here wet and windy for most of the week with temperatures down to six degrees in the day and minus one at night,the nights are really getting long now getting dark at 4.30pm and not getting light till 7.30am.  Lake temp is six degrees.


We have advised all the new anglers that turn up on Saturday that you only need to use a couple of hand full’s of boilies over each rod at this time of year because the carp are not feeding on big beds of bait, the bailiffs have been doing this for the last few week with great success.


Winter can be a difficult time of year as the fish are less active, which makes them a lot harder to find and harder to catch.


It has been a very slow week with the weather playing a big part of it but then out of the blue on Thursday evening Dave Stone who was set up in Big Southerly had a slow take on his middle rod which was cast 25rl towards Alcatraz.  He then goes and lands the Northern Scaley at a massive weight of 71lb, a fish that hasn’t been on the bank since July 2014, then weighing 52lb 8oz.

He was blown away as it was his first fish from the complex and what a way to start your first trip to Gigantica.  A simple combi rig using a size six hook with a 18mm Winter Spice boilie tipped with a flouro pop-up done the trick to fool this monster.  It was also a Thursday too which makes it Big Fish Thursday great angling mate!


Well thats it for another week here at Gigantica with just one seventy being landed, which isn't bad for this time of year.  It goes to show that small amounts of bait is the way forward here at Gigantica at the moment and we can recommend Mainline Cell as a good bait option to use here in the winter.  Please read the catch report the week before you are due to come out and try to go in the swims that has been doing the fish.  Don’t pick the swim before you get here, this is what a lot of anglers have been doing as they watch the videos and go in the swims that have done big hiots of fish on the DVD's, not where the fish have come out of the week before. 



We have also opened up a new shop here at Gigantica which is selling Korda items, Gigantica clothing and a selection of Mainline Baits products.  Even if you are not fishing at Gigantica and are passing by please fill free to pop in and check out our new shop.