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  • Buzz, 40lb, Alcatraz, 16.1.16
  • 28lb Co's Point 2.1.16
  • Buzz, 47lb, Alcatraz, 9.1.16
  • John, 26lb 8oz, The Alamo, 9.1.16
  • James Cox, 30lb 8oz,  The Alamo, 9.1.16
  • James Cox, 32lb, Treeline, 9.1.16
  • Buzz, 22lb, Co's Point, 16.1.16
  • Buzz, 24lb 8oz, Co's Point, 23.116

Buzz, 40lb, Alcatraz, 16.1.16


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 30/01/2016

January round up

First of all we would like to wish all our customers a Happy new year. 

It has been so mild this January it looked really good for a few bites, over the month there were some really nice carp being landed.

Our first customer for 2016 was Dave Pennicot, one of our regulars and he came out on the 2nd January deciding to set up in Co’s Point.  He was fishing at 31rl inline with the grass bank where over the week he used 4kg of Mainline Cell boilies, which were cut in half and soaked in some Mainline coconut syrup.  Dave put out three spod’s over each rod, which is enough for this time of year and it was Sunday evening around 6pm when he had a take on his middle rod.  After a short battle he lands a nice common of 28lb, which fell to a Mainline Cell pop up on a hinge stiff rig.

A week later Buzz was back at the lake after a three week break over Christmas and the new year period.  He decided to set up in Alcatraz and it wasn’t long until he was into his first carp of 2016.  A cracking 47lb mirror which was a new 40 so we called it Baby Brutus after Brutus which we lost last year, this could well be a 70lb carp in the near future.  He was fishing at 31rl towards The Stink where he baited up with around fifty Mainline Cell boilies, which were cut in half and soaked in some Mainline coconut syrup.  He also added two handfuls of maize for a bit more colour, the IQ D rig with three yellow grans of IB slow sinking maize done the job to fall this cracking carp.

There were two customers on for the second week of the year and they both decided to set up in The Alamo.  It was looking really good for a bite as the wind had been blowing in there for the last few days and it was John rose who had the first take, landing a cracking 26lb 8oz scaly mirror.  He was fishing at 28rl to the left of The Beach and baiting up with Mainline Cell boilies, using a Mainline Cell pop up on a hinge stiff rig doing the job for John.  The next day James cox goes and lands a 30lb 8oz mirror called The Runt, he was fishing at 28rl to a hard spot to the left of Baxters where he used only half a kilo of Mainline Cell boilies.  Rig wise, the IQ D rig with a Gigantica Banoffee walfter done the trick for James.  On Wednesday they both decided to move James went into The Tree Line and John went into Co’s Point and the next day James in the Tree Line had Jason’s fish at 32lb, he was fishing towards the fallen tree at 21rl and he baited again with Cell boilies.  This fish he caught on a home made Cell pop up, which had a hint of garlic in it.

During January we also had Danny Fairbrass out with a couple of his mates to sort out the stock ponds.  They were over to grade the carp in stock ponds' A and B and after a couple of days they had it all done.  There are some great looking carp in there which will be put into the main lake hopefully at the end of the year, it will be an ongoing campaign to stock the main lake with some beautiful scaly carp.

Into the third week of January and the weather was still very mild, with the day time temperatures around 12 degrees and night time temp were still around 5 degrees.  Buzz, the bailiff at Gigantica, fancied a move round to Co’s Point and he decided to fish the same spot that Dave was fishing a few weeks back.  It was at 7am when he had a take on his middle rod and he lands a nice little scaly mirror at 22lb, which goes by the name of Nanny pat due to the hat worn at the time.  Then at 1pm he had another take this time it was the Heart Tail Common at 40lb, they both come on the IQ D rig with three grans of yellow IB slow sinking maize with around fifty boilies and a hand full of maze around each rod.  The weather changed over the next few days with the temperature going down to -10 at night and only -2 in the day with north easterly winds.

Then on Saturday morning buzz had a take on his left hand rod after a short battle he land’s a 24lb 8oz common.  He was trying one of korda new Goo's which will be coming out in the near future, and he was soaking a Gigantica Banoffee pop up in it then using them on a hinge stiff rig.

How mad is this weather with -10 last week and this week we got 16 degrees in the day with warm southerly winds.

Well that’s January over with and a good month it was with a total of 8 carp being landed, lets see what February will bring and as long as the weather stays mild the carp might keep feeding.