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  • Mike, 86lb 8oz, Co's Point, 29.2.16
  • Buzz with The 43 at 66lb 8oz from Alcatraz in February 2016
  • Buzz's winter rig and bait combo
  • Buzz, 51lb, Alcatraz, 27.02.16
  • Steve Rocke, 47lb, Pole Position, 27.02.16
  • Steve Rocke, 38lb 8oz, Pole Position, 27.02.16
  • Another successful combination for Buzz
  • Buzz, 36lb, Alcatraz, 27.02.16

Mike, 86lb 8oz, Co's Point, 29.2.16


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 29/02/2016

February round up


Were into February and the weather has gone from freezing cold to wet and windy, the first two weeks of February we have had over twelve inches of rain, and the temperatures have been around 9 degrees in the day and only 4 degrees at night, the fishing has slowed up a bit as there has only been the bailiffs fishing Gigantica, there hasn’t been any signs of fish activity at all, but Buzz one of our bailiff has had three nice carp to 66lb 8oz. 

Buzz was still set up in Alcatraz, after a week of no action he goes and has a take on his middle rod after a good hard battle he lands a cracking 51lb common called the virgin, he was still fishing at 31rl towards The Stink where he baited up with around fifty Mainline Cell boilies which were cut into half and soaked in some Mainline coconut syrup, he also added two handful of maize for a bit of colour. The IQ D rig with a size 4 Korda Kurv and a Mainline Cell wafter done the job to fall this cracking winter carp.

A week later Buzz was into his sixth carp of the year, and this one was going to be the best carp of 2016 so far.  He went and landed a cracking 66lb 8oz mirror which goes by the name of ‘43’.  Buzz was fishing to his hot spot were most of his fish this year have come from, it’s a clean gravely area at 31RL inline with Big Southerly.  The IQ D rig with a size 4 korda kurv and a white Gigantica Banoffee wafter fished over Mainline Cell boilies with a couple hand fall’s of maize doing the job to fall this cracking carp.  Looking back over the past year’s we think this has been the biggest carp we have had out of Gigantica in the winter.

It’s the start of week three and it seemed to be every Saturday that Buzz was getting a bite.  The next carp to grace his net is a 36lb common which goes by the name of Gums, this one came on three grains of slow sinking IB yellow plastic corn, which was fished over Mainline Cell boilies and maize that had been soaked in Mainline's coconut syrup and his plastic corn hookbait in pineapple Goo.  The IQ D rig with a size 4 Korda Kurv has been working really well this winter together with a Korda clear Dark Matter leader.

The Final week of the year was the week that we had our first customers of the year and what a week it turned out to be.  Mike who set up in Big Southerly, decided on a move after four nights as he had a feeling that he needed to be in the main body of the lake and opted for the vacant Co’s point.  Fishing at 25RL towards Big Girls and after less than 24 hours in the swim he had his first bite of the session.  After a hard spirited battle Mike landed the Mighty FUDGY’S at a massive top weight of 86lb 8oz's!  A truly amazing capture in such difficult conditions.  A Critically balanced bottom bait fished on a Combi-Rig over a tight bed of boilies was the downfall of the mighty Fudgy’s.  

Steve was also back this week after his winter brake and it didn’t take him long to get back amongst them either.  Setting up in Pole Position Steve landed two fish on his first week back, firstly a fish that goes by the name of Little Platted a true gem weighing 38lb 8oz's and secondly Baby Cluster at 47lb.  Steve was fishing at 19RL towards The Alamo and baited with about half a kilo of bait consisting of a mixture off Cell and a new prototype winter boilie from Mainline. Rig and bait wise a Bumble Berry Goo soaked pop-up on a Hinged-Stiff was Steve’s winning method and a method that has worked well at Gigantica during the early part of the year!