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  • 76lb, Pole Position, April 2016
  • Ryan Westby, 61lb 8oz, Treeline, 30.4.16
  • Paul Warwick, 53lb 12oz, Alcatraz, 4.4.16
  • Jonathan Deacon, 52lb 2oz, Treeline, 16.04.16
  • Danny Armitage, 51lb 8oz, The Alamo, 23.04.16
  • Ryan Westby, 47lb, Treeline, 23.04.16
  • Jonathan Deacon, 43lb 10oz, Treeline, 16.04.16
  • Buzz, 34lb 8oz, Co's Point, 16.04.16
  • Jonathan Deacon, 32lb 2oz, Treeline, 16.04.16
  • Steve Rocke, 32lb, Big Southerly, 23.04.16
  • 31.10lb Alamo 23.04.16
  • 24.00lbs Alcatraz 2.04.16
  • Buzz, 22lb, Treeline, 2.04.16

76lb, Pole Position, April 2016


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 30/04/2016

April's round up

Well April is now here and this year is going by so fast all the trees and bushes around Gigantica have started to bud and it wont be long until we are in the height of summer once again!  The water temperature is at 7 degrees and is rising everyday. The carp have become more active over the last few weeks. The weather hasn’t been kind to us this week we have had strong North-Easterly wind and April showers making it feel very cold therefore the carp are held up on the back of the wind. Sunday morning Paul Warwick who is in Alcatraz had the first bite of the week landing The Spotty leather at 53.12lb, Paul was fishing the area which had been raked two weeks previous at 25 wraps. Paul baited up with Mainline Cell boilies and fished a 20mm Cell bottom bait with a white pop-up fished snowman style,he was using an IQ D rig with a size 4 korda Kurv hook. Just as the pictures where being taken his middle rod ripped off and Paul was into his second carp, after a hard battle a nice scaly mirror was safely netted which went 24lb on the scales! Again like The Spotty Leather taken from 25 wraps and on the same hook bait and rig presentation.

As there were only a few anglers on this week Adam and Buzz were going to have a go, Adam started in Big Girls as he had seen a few fish showing in that area, Buzz started in Pole Position. But after a few days of no activity Buzz had seen a few carp in the Tree Line so he decided to move.He started baiting the first hole in the trees with a kilo of chopped Mainline Cell boilie, that evening the rod that was placed in the first hole was away! After a short battle Buzz landed a nice 22lb mirror, it was caught on an IQ D rig with a size 4 korda Kurv and a Banoffee Wafter that had been soaked in Bumble Berry Goo. Adam also had a move mid week as he had seen a few fish show in The Stock Pond at 25 wraps over where the weed had been raked from a couple weeks previous but unfortunately for him the fished moved out and into a area where there was no pressure.

Going into the third week of April the weather was way below average, a cold Northerly wind arrived bringing with it plenty of cold rain and even some sleet meaning temperatures struggled to get into double figures at times but the weather was set to improve. Monday morning came and it started off with a BANG!! Adam who was set up in Pole Position had a take on his left had rod after a long hard battle he slipped the net under a monster!! A fish that is easily recognisable, The German!!! Adam could not believe his luck; at the scales she went 76lb and a new PB. Adam Fished an 18ft zig with a piece of black foam, which was fished at 25 wraps. Next off the mark was Jonathan Deacon with a nice 32lb2oz mirror which he had from the first hole along the tree line, Jonathan was using a IQ D rig with a size 4 Kurv and a Impulse apex boilie topped with a mk 2 pop-up as his hookbait. Two days later he was into his second fish of his session this time The Survivor that went 50.02lb, Jonathan had this one from the base of the fallen tree at 21 wraps. Baiting up both areas with three kilos of boilies every afternoon before tea. Then it wasn’t until friday evening that he was in again! This time a cracking 43lb10oz mirror called Apple slices and again taken from the base of the fallen tree. That same evening Buzz who was in Co’s Point had his first take of the week, after a scary battle he finally slipped the net under a cracking 34lb8oz mirror called Horseshoe. which was Caught on a 22ft zig with a small piece of cork on a size 8 mixer hook and 9lb N-gauge line.

We are now into the last week of April and the weather has turned cold again the Northerly winds where back. But it didn’t take Ryan in The Tree Line long to hook and land his first Gigantica carp of his trip! A fish that can only be described as stunning and must be one of the prettiest fish here at Gigantica, The Cheese at 47lb and all before tea on Saturday night! What a start. Dan in The Alamo landed his first Gigantica carp of the week Sunday morning a mirror weighing 31lb10oz and was caught on a 16ft zig fished at 30 wraps. Black foam soaked in Pineapple Goo was Dan’s chosen hook baits for the week. With that the weather turned Monday morning going from warm sunny days at the start of the week we where now blessed with sleet and snow showers with the night time temperatures going down to as low as -2 and the day time temperatures struggling to get above 6 degrees. As would be expected the fishing was hit hard and it wasn’t until there was a break in the weather Thursday that the fish started to show themselves again. Steve set up in Big Southerly and on Thursday morning landed a mirror weighing 32lb a fish that goes by the name of Two Faces. Fishing down his left hand margin at 15 wraps Steve introduced around half a kilo of 10mm boilies and fished a Hinged stiff over the top with a small Bumble Berry Pop-up hookbait.That same morning Dan in The Alamo was into his second fish of the week! This time a much larger specimen lay sulking in his net! All 51.02lb of it and another of Gigantica’s famous scaly mirror known as Rene’s also caught on a 16ft zig at 30 wraps. Next up Ryan in The Tree Line landed his second and third fish of his trip in quick concession the first of a mad Friday evening for Ryan, first off a 32lb mirror taken from the base of the fallen tree at 21 wraps, Within ten minutes of recasting, his middle rod pulled up tight again. This time a powerful fish stripped line off him as it headed for freedom but luckily for him into open water! After a few nervous moments under the rod tip and with the fish also trying to find sanctuary and safety in the tree roots down his right hand margin he safely netted a big, long and powerful mirror, and was sure to beat his previous PB of 48lb! The mighty Danish Bacon at 61lb8oz and another fish moving up into the 60’s, a truly amazing fish that doesn’t just get heavier but also longer too and is surly destined for a massive weight in the future!

Well what a strange month that was! The weather all over the place defiantly didn’t help but nevertheless some cracking fish where caught! We are defiantly at that time of year where flip-flop/Zig fishing comes into its own here out at Gigantica and it’s only a matter of time before more of our finest graze the nets of you lucky anglers.