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  • Phil, 62lb, Baxter's, 1.5.16
  • Simon, 58lb, Pole Position, 1.05.16
  • Simon, 49lb 10oz, Pole Position, 1.05.16
  • Jopp, 40lb, Big Girls, 1.05.16
  • 39lb 8oz, Bob's Beach, 1.05.16
  • Simon, 36lb, Pole Posiiton, 7.05.16
  • Jopp, 28lb, Big Girls, 1.05.16
  • 25.00lbs The Stink 1.05.16
  • 25.00lbs Pole Position 1.05.16
  • 24.00lbs Pole Position 1.05.16
  • 20.00lbs The Tree Line 1.05.16

Phil, 62lb, Baxter's, 1.5.16


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 01/05/2016

Well this week we had in line to be the return leg of the British Lions vs Germany. But unfortunately due work commitments and other matters the Germans had to pull out, so we ended up with an all-British lineup plus two lads from the Netherlands.

With the weather set to be warm zigs where going to be the order of the day out in the open water and with bottom bait fishing being the way to go in the shallower water in the corners.  With the water temperature now being around 14 degrees and a very pleasant southerly wind blowing zigs in the upper layers where defiantly worth a shout.

First off the mark this week was Steve in Pole Position, and yes you guessed it on a zig.  And it wasn’t long until he had under control a lovely scaley mid 20lb mirror, caught on a 22ft zig and a tiny piece of black foam as his hookbait.

Jopp was next to get himself in on the early action on Sunday morning, when he had a bite from Big Girls.  Fishing at just 6 wraps into the corner, another scaly mirror was his reward and caught off the bottom too.  Jopp was using a simple knotless knot rig of around eight inches and a snowman style hookbait was all that was needed to bank his first fish of the week.  Monday morning and Jopp was at it again, as in the early hours he landed his second fish of the week.  This time a much larger resident was the victim from his 6 wrap spot. A fish know as Stoneacres weighing in at 42lb's and again on a snowman style hookbait.

With Monday came the first real feel that summer was on its way as temperatures of 26 degrees where recorded just after mid day, and it was no surprise really to see a few fish congregated in the shade of The Tree Line.  Pete who was set up in there had a take from the base of the fallen tree at 21 wraps.  This resulted in him netting a mint 20lb common, again off the bottom and was caught on an IQ D rig and a small 15mm Cell wafter over around a kilo of boilie.

As a result of the high pressure and temperatures come Tuesday it was all about the zigs.  Simon took his second and third fish of the week in quick concession landing a massive common.  The Cut Tail Common at 58lb was braced with another 23lb mirror.  Next to claim his first Gigantica carp was Phil, and what a carp it was.  The mighty Pips was his reward at 62lb, and caught from Baxter’s on a 20ft zig.  

That was quickly followed by Chris in The Stink landing a mint 25lb mirror on exactly the same depth zig as Phil.

Coming into the end of the week and Steve had another two bites on his long range zig approach, and early Saturday morning he rounded of an amazing week landing his 5th fish of the week.  The 2,3,4 at 49lb 10oz's ending what was a masterclass in zig fishing. 

All credit must be given where its due, he worked hard all week changing the depth and re-casting regular along with tying an awful amount of zigs and was rewarded for his efforts.


Tight Lines.