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  • Ben, 54lb 8oz, Bob's Beach, 7.05.16
  • Steve Rocke, 42lb, Pole Position, 7.05.16
  • Ben, 37lb 10oz, Bob's Beach, 7.05.16
  • Steve Rocke, 35lb 10oz, Pole Position, 7.05.16
  • Adam, 31lb 4oz, Co's Point, 7.05.16
  • Simon, 31lb, The Alamo, 7.05.16
  • Joe, 26lb, Baxter's, 7.05.16

Ben, 54lb 8oz, Bob's Beach, 7.05.16


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 07/05/2016

Well another strange week weather wise, what you would call a typical spring week I suppose with all four seasons rolled into one.  The water temperature is hovering around 14 degrees and a variation of wind directions keeping the weather variable.  As in the previous couple of weeks it was going to be a matter of fishing zigs in the open water and fishing on the bottom in the corners.  With the roach and bream spawning in the corners it was sure to be the carp where not going to be far away from doing the same.

First off the mark this week was Simon, who set up along side his son Ben in the Alamo, and early Sunday morning connected to his first Gigantica carp on a 21ft zig with a small piece of black foam as his hookbait. The result, Jason’s Fish at 31lb and was in fact Simons first ever zig caught carp, not a bad way to start off your Gigantica account also.

Next to get his taste of Zig fishing was Adam in Co’s Point, but here unfortunately things where not going his way after several hook pulls in quick concession.  All due to not losing his lead on the take. He was almost at breaking point before he landed a true character of a fish called Ugloe at 31lb, and was a result of his perseverance again like Simon’s fish was caught at 21ft.

Over in The Beach this week we had Ben, and also like Adam had suffered a hook pull or two! But again perseverance paid off as on Monday morning he also landed his first fish of the session. The Devil fish at 37lb 10oz's, and yes you guessed it also on the zig with the ever reliable black foam combo.

With it being a lake exclusive this week the lads where kind enough to let our bailiff Steve fish in Pole Position, as it meant he could keep his rods out during the day and would leave no area not covered. On Tuesday he landed two fish in quick concession. Firstly a classic looking common that goes by the name of The Long Common and weighing in at 42lbs, this was then followed by Soft Focus at 35lb 10oz. Both fish where caught on a 21ft zig and again on the black foam, which had been soaked in King Crab and Almond Goo.

Come Tuesday the weather turned much cooler and unsettled. At the start of the week, daytime temperatures where reaching around 27 degrees. But a change in wind direction brought in much cooler weather and as a result a few heavy storms. With this the fish dropped down a few feet in the water column due to the input of the much cooler rainwater.

Joe who was set up in Baxter’s found one sat slightly deeper at 18ft and landed a Mint 26lb common, known as Shnuffler early on Thursday morning. 

Early Saturday morning Ben in The Beach managed to land his second fish of the trip and what a way to end the week. The Mighty Starburst at 54lb 8oz, again taken on the black foam hookbait on a zig.                  

A special mention must go to Simon’s son Ben who was doubled up with his dad in the Alamo. Ben managed to bank a PB mirror of 24lb, all be it on his dads rods but as the lads found this week its not easy to land them all on zigs due to the nature of long hook links and small hooks. But all credit where it is due he done a super job and can be proud of his efforts, well done mate.

Well what an eventful week.  The fishing was a bit patchy at times and a few fish lost also, and again I must stress how important it is to make sure you lose the lead when zig fishing.  Because without doing so you are really up against it.  Never the less what a cracking bunch of lads they where, and a massive thank you to the entertainment for the week.  ‘Bivvy Boy’ Paul who came along for the crack and was kind enough to share with us all his 42nd birthday, which the lads celebrated in true style.  And finally Rob!! But with this one we don’t need to say anymore!!!