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  • A Winter 40 Common & a PB as well !

A Winter 40 Common & a PB as well !


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Angler Comments

Marc & Nick Brydon braved the Winter weather for the first full week in Dec, full of confidence of a true cold water carp.

Due to the fact that they were the only anglers fishing the week, they chose to 'double up'  in Co's Point and fish a large area that, historically hold's fish during the winter period.

The weather had been worsening the week prior and continued to worsen with temperatures falling fast. True winter conditions !

Nick, pulled it out the hat early on Monday morning, 04:30 to be exact, and banked a marvellously conditioned Winter 40 Common ! A real winter result, especially as at 40.14 it was a magnificant personal best !

Mainline Cell, tipped with a peice of rubber corn the successful bait - the Cell being a dominant bait throughout the year, now proving its winter credentals. Our fish have really tuned into the Cell throughout the year, catching a significantly large percentage of the captures through 2009, used as a Snowman set-up, it's almost unfair !

Nick was on a high during the photograph's and was totally amazed when one of his other rods pulled out the clip and was away, right in the middle of the photo's. Marc & Jake, rushed in to look after the common, whilst Nick played his second carp of the session.

After a short but spirited fight, they slipped the net under a beautifully scaled mirror of 18.08. Both fish looked amazing in the Winter sunshine for the photos.

The rest of the week, unfortunately, passed by without any further occurances, whilst the weather turnt even more wintery !

So, only 2 fish banked, but what a fish, well done Nick.