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  • Kevin Hounsell, 40lb 2oz, Baxter's, 14.05.16
  • Steve Rocke, 35lb, Treeline, 14.05.16
  • Steve Rocke, 24lb, Treeline, 14.05.16
  • A quiet morning all around
  • The Spicy Active will play a big part over the coming months!

Kevin Hounsell, 40lb 2oz, Baxter's, 14.05.16


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 14/05/2016

As Yet another week descends upon us here at Gigantica, and a week that brought with it again the unsettled weather. The early part of the week we where greeted with a rather chilly northerly wind, which quit ironically triggered a few fish off to spawn!! The early signs could be seen on Monday morning as a large group of small males where thrashing around off the marginal shelf between the swims of Baxter’s and Alcatraz. The water temperature currently sits at 16 degrees, so it was more the case of going through the motions in readiness of some stable weather.

It took until Wednesday morning for the first bite of the week and that fell to the rods of Kevin Hounsell in Baxter’s. A zig fished at 25 wraps towards The Stink and  this fish was caught on a small piece of black foam fished on a size 10 Mixa hook. Kevin landed a unknown 40lb 2oz mirror a true warrior off a fish.  This fish has since been named The Stranger.  

By Wednesday the weather had settled slightly and a much milder westerly wind was forecasted for the rest of the week with very little chance of any more rain. 

On Thursday Steve set up in The Tree Line and landed two fish in quick concession. Firstly a small common of 24lb's, known as Schnuffler. The second a 35lb scaly mirror that goes by the name of Buzz’s Kamo. Both fish where caught from the base of the fallen tree at 21.5 wraps, and where caught on a simple bottom bait fished on a KD rig over a kilo of chopped and whole Mainline Cell boilie.

Over in Big Southerly this week we had Luke Deapear. After nearly a week of pure frustration as fish where continually visiting his left hand margin spot, perseverance paid off for Luke.  On Friday morning he received a take that resulted in a stunning scaly mirror called Moroccan Sunset, weighing in at 22lb. Luke fished at 15 wraps and baited with a mixture of chopped and whole Cell boilies. Rig wise he fished a hinged-stiff rig and a small white 14mm pop-up over a few handfuls of freebies.

A very quiet week in general and even the early morning and late evening shows where not as impressive as they usually are which gives the indication that the carp have other things on there mind!

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