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  • Steve Rocke, 45lb 10oz, Scottie's Corner, 21.05.16
  • Steve Rocke, 27lb, Scottie's Corner, 21.05.16
  • 26.00lbs Alcatraz 21.05.16
  • 24.00lbs Scotties 21.05.16
  • 24.00lbs Scotties 21.05.16
  • 16.00lbs Alcatraz 21.05.16

Steve Rocke, 45lb 10oz, Scottie's Corner, 21.05.16


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 21/05/2016

Well another typical spring week here at Gigantica, a mixture of all four seasons rolled into one! A maximum temperature of 22 degrees was recorded this week with the average night time temperature sitting around 9 degrees, the water temperature has now reached 18 degrees and more and more fish are starting to group up around the edges and in the trees in readiness of spawning.  A gentle westerly breeze blow for most of the week, switching to a southerly late Thursday afternoon.

With very few anglers on this week Steve set up in Big Southerly and Scotties Corner, areas where the fish had started to visit regular prior to spawning.  With this in mind Steve decided to try something a little different and baited the left hand margin of Big Southerly with 10kg of Cell boilie on Saturday afternoon and decided to fish Scotties until there was obvious signs the carp where feeding on his baited area. In three nights Steve managed four fish, the biggest being Two Faces at 45 lb10oz's all from Scotties Corner at 7.5 wraps into the tree line. Again Steve baited quit heavy as he introduced four kilo of chopped and whole Cell boilies and fished a Gigantica Banoffe wafter over the top on a IQ D rig tied up on a size 2 Krank hook. Tuesday afternoon the signs that carp where feeding on his pre-baited spot in Big Southerly where there for everyone to see and that evening he had three bites in quick concessions, unfortunately losing them to hook pulls and a bit of bad angling on his part which he is first to admit. But on a positive note it’s defiantly something to consider when baiting up and to wait for them to turn up on the bait before fishing the area. Also it makes you think about how much and when to apply more bait. What seems to be the key is to put in plenty and don’t put in anymore until they turn up on it and you get bites.

Buzz set up in Alcatraz this week, an area that he is familiar with.  But it took until Friday morning for Buzz to receive any action and just like buses they come all at once. Helping himself to two fish in quick concision Buzz landed a pretty scaly 16lb mirror and a 26lb common. Fishing at 31 wraps to a hard area towards Big Southerly and using IQ D rigs with our Gigantica Banoffe wafters soaked in BumbleBerry Goo fished over five Kilo of 16/18mm Cell boilies, and a lot of perseverance helped Buzz land two fish in what was a very difficult week all around.

With the weather set to stabilize a little and the carp ready it looks like it will be next week that the carp really do start getting down to it and start to spawn.