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  • All the lads on the work party
  • Looking back to Obilivon
  • Weed being removed out of Oblivion
  • Buzz the bailiff ready to take the rake out
  • The Gigantica weed rake ready in Stock pond
  • The lads removing the weed from oblivion
  • Not that much weed out off Stock pond
  • removing weed from Stock pond
  • Rich helping Buzz with the boat
  • The weed rake doing it's job

All the lads on the work party


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 04/06/2016

The main lake was closed this week for some swim work and weed removal, Oblivion and Stock Pond are two swims that have seen huge amounts of weed removed in march, there was very little weed this time round, it has created new feeding areas at ranges that everyone will be capable of fishing. Also with that we have removed weed from around known feeding areas, which will help with line lay and rig presentation. All these areas have been receiving plenty of bait to get the carp visiting them regular and to make sure they remain clear and fishable. Every other swim has also been raked not necessarily for weed clearing but to turn over the bottom and to freshen up old feeding areas, and again just like the areas in Stock Pond and Oblivion they have also been fed. It was also pleasing to retrieve a large amount of waste line and rigs out of a number of swims, which will be the reasoning behind some of the cut offs in previous seasons.

The weather hasn’t been kind to us this week, it rained most of the week, but on Thursday the Sun did come out, the temperature went up to 24 degrees, but it only lasted till Friday, its raining again next week too, over the last few weeks its been raining really heavy all over France,especially here at Gigantica, nearly all the swims are under water again, so please make sure you bring some wellies with you, because the lake has risen at least eighteen inches, it is unreal for this time of year.