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  • Rowan Hill, 51lb 8oz, Treeline, 11.6.16
  • Rowan Hill, 36lb, Treeline, 11.6.16
  • Bob Fisher, 31lb, Big Southerly, 11.6.16
  • looking over to the far bank from the Alamo
  • Buzz, 31lb, Alamo, 11.6.16
  • Buzz, 31lb, The Alamo, 11.6.16
  • Buzz, 20lb, The Alamo, 11.6.16
  • Rods out in the Alamo
  • Paul with his 24lb mirror from Co's point
  • baguette made fresh to order very day
  • Great shot of Rowan with Fred.
  • Rowan Hill, 24lb, Treeline, 11.6.16

Rowan Hill, 51lb 8oz, Treeline, 11.6.16


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 11/06/2016

Another unsettled week here at Gigantica with a strong westerly wind and showers nearly every day, temperature was around 18 degrees in the day and down to 10 degrees at night.

This was the first week after being closed due to weeding and raking the bottom of the lake in every swim, and due to this we had noticed that the carp had moved into the margins.  But as the week went on the fish did start to move back out into the middle of the lake and start feeding on the bottom again.  This was proven because one of our bailiffs was fishing in the Alamo and he had a few carp off of the bottom later in the week.

Bob Fisher was set up in Big Southerly for the week.  His left hand rod was cast to the right of the orange pole at 16 wraps, his middle rod was just to the right of that and lastly his right hand rod was cast towards the tall tree at 8 wraps just of the bottom of the shelf.  Then on Monday morning his left hand rod rips off and after a good hard battle he goes and lands The Jarminator at 30lb.  Landed on a IQ D rig with a size 4 Kurv hook and using a plan B wafter tricked this carp.  Over the week Bob used 30kg of boilies over all three rods.

Paul Carpenter was in Co’s Point this week, but after a few days of no activity he moved into Scotties Corner.  In here he had seen a few fish the day before and he was going round to bait up with just a hand full of Plan b boilies.  Then he would go back round to his swim and cast his rig over to the far margin and it wasn’t long until he was into his first carp of the week, this being a nice 24lb mirror which he had on a semi stiff rig with a size 4 Korda Krank hook and a Plan B wafter.

Rowan Hill decided to go in The Tree line after picking out ball number one in the draw.  He was baiting up the first hole and the base of the falling tree with two kilos of Mainline Cell boilies per spot per day.  It wasn’t until Wednesday morning at 7am that he landed his first carp, a nice 24lb mirror which come from the base of the fallen tree.  His next take was Thursday morning around the same time of day as before, this went 26lb.  Then on Friday evening at 8pm he had a take on his left hand rod, which was cast to first hole along the tree line.  This one went 24lb and lastly on Saturday morning at 6.30am Rowan has a take on his left hand rod which was in the first hole and after a tough hard battle he slips into the net a cracking 51lb 8oz mirror which goes by the name of Fred.  This carp is known to live along the tree line and very rarely gets caught from anywhere else, what a carp!  One we would all love to catch as it is a stunner.  Just after the carp was returned to the water he had a take on his middle rod and after a good hard fight he lands a cracking mirror of 36lb this one is called Soft Focus.  What a way to end a week at Gigantica.  Rowan had all of his fish on the IQ D rig with a Gigantica special Banoffee wafter as his hook bait.

Buzz, one of the Gigantica bailiffs, was set up in The Alamo and he decided to fish all three rods at 29 wraps aiming in-between Baxters and The Beach swims.  A spot that is well known and over the week he put out 10kg of Mainline Spicy Active boilies, which are exclusive to us, and 10kg of Mainline Cell boilies over the spot.  It wasn’t until Wednesday morning at 6.30am that he had a take on his middle rod and after a tough battle Buzz lands Bite Mark at 31lb 8oz.  The next morning at around the same time he landed another carp at 31lb, this one being a mirror called Jason’s Fish.  Buzz also had a 20lb mirror, known as Billy's Scally on Friday evening.  He caught these was using a Korda SafeZone leader with a Heli Safe and an IQ D rig of eight inches in length with a Gigantica special Banoffee wafter as his hook bait.

At Gigantica You get a breakfast roll delivered to your swim every morning at 9am and an evening meal which is served at 5pm at the lodge on the main lake.  You can order a baguette with a choice of fillings and drinks which will be delivered to your swim lunch time at 12.30pm.  If you would like a nice cold 6 pack of beers in a cooler box with ice it can be arranged, or if you fancy a nice ice cream we can deliver them too.

Well that’s it for another week here at Gigantica, and what a great bunch of lads we had this week.  We hope you all can return soon!

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