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  • Steve Rocke, 50lb 4oz, Co's Point, 9.07.16
  • Zac, 45lb 12oz, The Alamo, 9.07.16
  • Adam, 35lb 12oz, Pole Position, 9.07.16
  • Daniel, 33lb, Co's Point, 9.07.16
  • A cracking bunch this week all going home happy!
  • Jack, 32lb, The Alamo, 9.07.16
  • Jack, 30lb, The Alamo, 9.07.16
  • A view from The Alamo
  • Jack, 29lb, The Alamo, 9.7.16
  • Zac, 27lb 12oz, The Alamo, 9.07.16
  • Zac, 23lb 8oz, The Alamo, 9.07.16
  • 23.00lbs Pole Position 9.07.16

Steve Rocke, 50lb 4oz, Co's Point, 9.07.16


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 09/07/2016

Well all in all a very quiet couple of weeks we have had angler wise here at Gigantica, but for those who have been have all had a cracking time and have landed some truly stunning carp.  The weather over the last couple of weeks has been rather unsettled with either a strong northwesterly wind or in total contrast flat calm and baking hot with temperatures as highs of 35 degrees.  Not what you would call ideal fishing conditions, but never the less a good time has been had by all.

The week commencing the 3rd of June and with no anglers on Steve set up in Co’s Point and on his first full night fishing land the ever impressive Clean Fish at a new top weight of 50lb 4oz's.  A fish that Steve also caught back in March at 47lb 6oz's.  Steve fished at 27RL towards the bald spot on the far bank and baited with 8kg of Mainline Cell boilies.  After baiting up he rested the swim for two days before casting out three single hook baits on Tuesday evening, as fish could be seen showing and fizzing over his area.  It took all of fifteen minutes before he received the take!!  Evidence that baiting an area and waiting for the fish to turn up before fishing for them really dose work and a tactic that has served him well in previous weeks also.  Rig wise Steve used a Combi rig tied up at around 10inches in length onto a size 2 Krank hook and a Banoffee wafter hookbait, soaked again in the Bumble Berry Goo was the downfall for The Clean Fish for the second time this year.  A fish that obviously loves a Bumble Berry Goo hookbait.

Adam decided on Pole Position, and Thursday morning landed a very clean and immaculate common.  Not massive by Gigantica standards but at 23lb was very welcome.  Adam decided on an area at 25RL towards The Alamo and baited with 5kg of Spicy Active boilies spread across all three rods.  Again, Like Steve a Banoffee wafter hookbait soaked in Bumble Berry Goo, but fished on a Multi Rig using a size 4 Kurv hook.

But unfortunately the action soon dried up though as for the remainder of the week we where hit with a blistering hot heat wave and with temperatures reached the dizzy height of 35 degrees and with no other angling pressure the fish found sanctuary in the edges away from the sun.

With that it was soon Saturday again and as five hopeful anglers descended upon us and with a much welcome break in the weather too.  The temperature had dropped 10 degrees over night and with that so did the air pressure.  The carp could be seen crashing all over the lake as a strong westerly wind was blowing and obviously much more happier given the conditions.

With the optimism high and conditions looking really good it didn’t take long for the first Gigantica carp of the week to be landed on Sunday morning.  This fish fell to the rods of Zac who was fishing in The Alamo alongside his mate Jack.  And what a fish it turned out to be!  His first ever Gigantica carp and one that could be argued as one of the best looking.  The Patched Fully at 45lb 12oz.  Zac fished all three rods at 27RL and baited with 6kg of Cell and Essential Cell boilies.  Zac fished a Gigantica Banoffee wafter on a Combi rig to catch his fish.  He went onto land a total of four fish for the week, which was topped off by the Patched Fully but also landed Short Dorsal at 30lb and two stunning scaly 20’s, The Kreature at 27lb 12oz and Moroccan Sunset at 23lb 8oz.  Not bad for your first ever French trip mate, well done.

Not to be out done Jack also got in on the action in The Alamo, landing two himself.  The first a 29lb mirror called Ray and this was topped off by a Two Scales at 32lb.  Jack decided to fish a shorter spot on the left hand side of the swim at 16RL towards the Lodge, and baited on a little and often basis.  A snowman hookbait mounted onto a size 4 Wide Gape hook was Jacks rig and hookbait of choice.  

Over in Pole Position this week we had Gary, and at 3am on Tuesday morning Gary also landed his first ever Gigantica carp.  A fish that goes by the name of The Face weighing in at a healthy spawned out weight of 42lb. That same morning and his second bite in four hours his second fish of the week was landed.  Humpy at 35lb 12oz and caught form 25RL towards The Stink.  Gary fished all three rods over 6kg of boilies and fished standard bottom bait straight out the bag on a simple knotless knot hair rig.

Over in Co’s Point this week we had Daniel, an employee of Korda Europe and he was back for his second visit to try and land his first ever Gigantica carp.  Things didn’t start off to well for Daniel as his first two takes he lost due to hook pulls.  After a few helpful pointers from Steve and a few tweaks to his rigs and the way he was fishing there was no mistake on his third take of the week and finally his first Gigantica carp went into the net.  A stunning linear that goes by the name of Cookies and Cream weighing in at 33lb's, a true reward for his efforts and perseverance.

Some really good company this week and some stunning fish where caught too. A special mention must go to our old mate Tolly, who was fishing the Road Lake.  He will go down as a legend here at Gigantica, what a character and never a dull moment when he was around.

Hope to see you all again soon.