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  • Benny Van Dan, 46lb, Co's Point, 16.07.16
  • Scott, 45lb 4oz, Pole Position, 23.07.16
  • John, 38lb 4oz, Alcatraz, 23.07.16
  • Danny, 37lb 12oz, The Alamo, 23.07.16
  • John, 32lb, Alcatraz, 23.07.16
  • John, 31lb 8oz, Alcatraz, 23.07.16
  • John, 31lb, Alcatraz, 23.07.16
  • A view from Alcatraz
  • Sam, 28lb, The Alamo, 23.07.16
  • Nearly there..
  • John, 24lb, Alcatraz, 23.07.16
  • Scott deep in battle
  • John, 21lb, Alcatraz, 23.07.16
  • The lads taking time out to watch Monster Carp!!

Benny Van Dan, 46lb, Co's Point, 16.07.16


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 23/07/2016

After last weeks blistering heat this week was set to be much more bearable, highs for the week where forecasted to be around the low twenty’s some ten or so degrees cooler than the previous week. A very pleasant westerly wind was blowing for the duration, gaving us what you would call nearly perfect conditions for here at Gigantica.

This week we had a return group from the tackle shop Nathan’s Of Derby. Last year the lads fished the Road Lake and done rather well, so this year they decided to do battle and to pick there wits against the main lake carp.

With the conditions looking near to perfect as could be, it didn’t take long for the first bite of the week as in the early hours Sunday morning Scott in Pole Position had a screaming take but unfortunately lost it at the net.

John however was set up in Alcatraz and at around 8pm Sunday evening a take resulted in the first fish of the week. A fish called The Rudder weighing in at 38lb 4oz's, an awesome start. John was fishing two areas out of his swim, firstly his left and middle rods where fished at 23 wraps onto the Plato towards Scotties Corner this area John decided to bait up with the aid of a throwing stick baiting up ever day with around a kilo of boilies. His longer range spot at 27 wraps fished to the left of The Stink and the spot that accounted for his first bite was baited however a little tighter and around 3 kilo was deposited onto that area each day. Rig wise John used hinged stiff rigs baited with Mainline Peaches and Cream Pop-ups.  An awesome combination as it not only banked him The Rudder but also a further five carp over the course of the week! This included Buzz’s Half Linear at 32lb, taken off the plato. Also off the same spot he landed Ribbet at 31lb 8oz and finally Gums at 31lb respectfully. John fished an absolute blinding week making all the correct decisions at the right times and deserved his six fish haul. A massive well done to you mate.

Back in Pole Position at 2pm on the Wednesday, and after the heartbreak of losing his first bite, Scott finally slipped the net under his first Gigantica carp also.  The Nude Fish at 45lb 2oz and was taken at 25 wraps towards The Stink. Scott baited everyday with around 2 kilo of boilies spread across a tennis court size area with the help of a throwing stick. Rig wise IQ D rigs tied up around 10 inches long and incorporating a size 4 Kaptor hook and a snowman style hookbait where cast out on all three rods.   

Over in The Alamo this week we had Danny and Sam. Wednesday night came and Danny landed his first Gigantica carp of the week and what a carp it was. A fish that doesn’t get caught that often either, King Fully weighing in at 37lb 12oz.  Danny was fishing at 27 wraps towards Baxter’s and fished a snowman hookbait over 4 kilo of boilie. If that wasn’t enough the following morning he was in again, again taken from 27 wraps this time a nice scaly 27lb mirror was his reward.

After a week of frustration and having fish show over him most mornings, Craig in Big Girls eventually tempted a bite Friday morning resulting in a very lean 19lb mirror caught along the euro tree line at 14 wraps. Craig fished a single hookbait to an area he had seen fish fizzing up the previous morning. Good angling mate.

Well the conditions where certainly more favorable this week but with some good angling from the lads from Derby a good week was had by all. An absolute cracking bunch of lads. Full credit must go to Chris the party leader for organizing such a great bunch.

As Stated earlier the previous week was almost unbearable with temperatures reaching the sizzling heights of 41 degrees, as you can imagine the carp where very lethargic and were all seen in the edges trying to escape the sun like most of us that week. But that didn’t stop Benny van Dann fishing in Co’s Point, as he landed Sashsquash at 46lbs from 27 wraps. Caught on a Banoffee wafter over 3 kilo of Mainline Cell boilies. An awesome achievement in such harsh conditions.  


Hope to see you all again soon.