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Available Spaces
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Angler Comments

What a week........ the only angler of the week, Chris fished hard in what can only be described as Antartic conditions !

Very heavy frost's of -14 followed by 5" of snow and ice never dented Chris' determination throughout the week. Strangely, the fish were very active throughout the duration and Chris was bang on them.

Fishing small, tight areas of a home made bait, with stringers over the top failed to entice any enquieries through the week unfortunately.

I had hoped that having braved such harsh conditions, and what with the fish being so active right where Chris was fishing, his hardcore enthusiasm would have pulled one out the hat but it was just too much to ask.

The fish just never fed with enough confidence for Chris to snag one. On discussion and with the fishes activity in mind, Chris even fished zigs at various depths to try and find their 'comfort' zone and induce a bite but even this failed.

It just wasnt too be unfortunately even though he fished very well. Worse was to come for Chris as he got caught up in the terrible traffic - weather problems on the way home, and with Calais closed and the Tunnel broken, his epic week managed to prove even more dissappointing.

Hardcore Chris, thats all I can say ! On a plus note, the weather has improved massively this week and its looking promising for next weeks anglers, be a nice Christmas present if they manage to bank one !

Be lucky.