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  • Liam Burkin, 49lb, Co's Point, 6.08.16
  • Dean Marshall, 48lb, The Alamo, 6.08.16
  • Rowan Hill, 38lb, Pole Postion, 6.08.16
  • 30.00lb Common Pole Position 6.8.16
  • 30.00lb Mirror 6.08.16
  • 28.00lb Mirror Pole Position 6.08.16
  • Liam Burkin, 29lb, Co's Point, 6.08.16
  • Liam Burkin, 27lb, Co's Point, 6.08.16
  • Rowan Hill, 27lb, Pole Position, 6.08.16

Liam Burkin, 49lb, Co's Point, 6.08.16


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 06/08/2016

A new week brings along new challenges, and with the blistering heat set to continue the lads where still very optimistic of a bite or two. The weather for the week remained settled with daytime temperatures averaging around the late 20’s with the exception of Thursday, which brought in heavy rain a much needed storm to freshen everything up.

First off this week we had Rowan Hill. Rowan was staying on for his second week and after a few fish the previous week fancied his chances in Pole Position. Only until Thursday morning though as he had to leave early to travel on another holiday!  A bloke that is certainly living the dream!! Fishing at 26 wraps, Rowan landed three fish the best the every impressive Equalled at 38lb a truly stunning carp.  With this he also landed an unknown common weighing bag on 30lb and then The Rising Star at 27lb also.  Over the course of his five-day week Rowan used 20kg of Mainline Cell boilies spread over a wide area, a tactic that seems to be working well and is a little different form the tight baiting they are used to seeing using the boats.  Rig wise the ever-faithful IQ D rig tied up on a size 4 Kurv and a Banoffee wafter was he’s chosen hookbait.     

Over in The Alamo this week we had Dean Marshall.  After a very frustrating start with fish showing in he’s area but unfortunately not receiving any action the second half of the week proved to be much more kind to Dean as from Wednesday onwards Dean managed himself three fish also.  The icing on the cake was Rene’s at 48lb.  Backing this up Dean also landed two mirrors weighing 20lb and 32lb respectivly.   Fishing to a lovely area at 31 1/2 wraps Dean baited up with a mixture of chopped and whole Cell boilies, and used just over 23kg for the week.

Over In Co’s Point this week we had Liam Burkin.  Liam fished all three rods at 28 wraps to the bald spot, an area that has been producing the goods of late and this week was no exception!  For the week Liam landed four fish, the biggest being The Lippy Common weighing 49lb's.  This was backed up by 3 x 20’s to 29lb's.  For the week Liam used 30kg of boilies and baited with around 5kg every evening just on dark.  Rig wise a semi-stiff hooklink and a size 4 Choddy proved to be the downfall of Liam’s four fish.

After Rowan left on Thursday morning and not turning the chance down to get amongst the action Bradley Phillips made no hesitation on a move into Pole Position.  Some would say it was too much like hard work to move, others would say it was good angling and it certainly was the latter for Bradley, as he managed three fish in two nights.  The best a scrapper 30lb mirror along with 2 x 20’s.  Like Rowan, Bradley fished all three rods at 36 Wraps and baited with Mainline Cell boilie.

A truly awesome bunch of lads this week that enjoyed their holiday as well as catching some stunning carp along the way.  Hope we see you all again soon.