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  • Rich, 54lb, The Alamo, 13.08.16
  • Shaun, 40lb 12oz, Alcatraz, 13.08.16
  • Rich, 39lb 14oz, The Alamo, 13.08.16
  • 38.12lb common Alcatraz 13.08.16
  • Ed Betteridge, 30lb 8oz, Pole Position, 13.08.16
  • Ed Betteridge, 30lb, Pole Position, 13.08.16
  • Mike, 27lb, Co's Point, 13.08.16
  • Mike, 25lb, Co's Point, 13.08.16
  • Blind Side @ 24lb Alcatraz 13.08.16
  • Mike, 21lb, Co's Point, 13.08.16

Rich, 54lb, The Alamo, 13.08.16


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 13/08/2016

After the lads last week getting a few this week saw the return of a few old faces, Ed Betteridge and his brother Rich.  Also it was nice to see an old friend back, Michael Mac who used to be a bailiff out here, returning for the first time in two years to enjoy a weeks fishing along with another good pal Steve Cliff and his two mates Luke and Hayes.  Finally finishing the lineup this week was Shaun Payne who was out for two weeks.  Firstly to enjoy a week’s holiday with his girlfriend Abby, then the second week he was here to help out with the work party.

The weather for the week was set to start off hot with temperatures set to peak at a scorching 39 degrees by 3pm Wednesday.  This was to be followed by much cooler conditions Thursday/Friday, with a massive low front pushing in from the west, bringing with it some strong winds and much more pleasant conditions.  The water temperature has peaked now and is remaining at a constant 24 degrees.

First on the score sheet this week was Rich who decided on The Alamo. With the weather being so warm and the fish obviously seeking cover under the tree’s Rich found a group of fish gathered down this left hand margin after finding his way down there he managed to flick a rig just off the edge of the overhang and walk the rod back onto the rest.  Within the hour he was soon playing his first Gigantica carp of the week and yes you guessed it from the rod that he has placed in the margin.  A superb piece of angling was soon rewarded as he slipped the net under a fish called Baby Cluster weighing in at 39lb 14oz's.  After this Rich went on to land another fish from this area, and this one was considerably bigger!! Weighing in at 54lb's it was the mighty Starburst.  A fish that doesn’t get a lot of credit in my eyes and kind of gets forgotten or lost when people talk about the impressive stock we have hear, but nevertheless it would certainly be welcome in my net anytime!!  Rich fished a snowman style hookbait over a handful of freebies, on a simple blowback rig tied up using a size 4 Wide Gape and a Dark Matter hooklink.

Over in Alcatraz this week we had Shaun.  Shaun fished well all week helping himself to five Gigantica carp, which included a new PB in both commons and mirrors.  Firstly his PB Mirror a fish the goes by the name of The Unattended at a healthy weight of 40.12lb and a stunning 38.12lb common. To add to this he also had three cracking 20’s. All of Shaun’s fishing was done at 27 Wraps just to the left hand side of The Stink. Over the week he introduced over 30kg of boilies a mixture of Cell and Hybrid. Rig wise a Hinged-stiff rig tied up on 20lb Mouth Trap and size 6 Choody hook. Topping this off with one of our very own Gigantica Banoffee pop-ups.

Setting up in the form swim (Pole Position) this week we had Ed Betteridge. After a very frustrating start with fish showing to his left but never quit on him Ed managed a couple of bites late on. Firstly a rather scaly mirror at a spawned out weight of 30.08lb a fish called The Little Platted and secondly a scrapper 30.00lb common. ED fished at 26 wraps and baited with a mixture of Cell and Essential Cell boilies on a ratio of around 70/30. Ed’s chosen hook baits for the week where either Cell or Essential Cell wafters fished on a size 4 Wide gape. For the week Ed introduced around 20kg using a Spomb, a mixture of chopped and whole baits.

After I slight miss fortune Luke, Steve and Hayes had to leave Partway through the week due to Steve becoming unwell, With that I would like to wish him all the very best and a speedy recovery. This left Mike with an opportunity to fish the remainder of his week in Co’s an area he always loved when he worked here but very rarely got the chance to fish, After clipping up 27 wraps and baited up with around 5kg of boilies. Mike helped himself to two low 20’s and where both caught on are Gigantica Banoffee Wafters on an IQ D rig of around 8 inches long.

 This what can only be described as a week of two halves a few early bites from down the margin in the baking heat before the cooler conditions turned the week around bringing with it the remainder of the bites.                              

 Hope to see you all again soon, Oh and one last thing Get well soon Steve, Oblivion will be waiting for you mate.