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  • 2,3,4 52lb Co's Point 17.9.16
  • Steve Chapman, 48lb, Baxter's Hole, 17.9.16
  • Kevin, 47lb 12oz, Bob's Beach, 17.9.16
  • Stuart Atkins, 43lb 10oz, The Alamo, 17.9.16
  • Martin, 43lb 8oz, Big Girls, 17.9.16
  • Simon, 42lb, Co's Point, 17.9.16
  • Martin, 40lb, Big Girls, 17.9.16
  • Kevin,  40lb, Bob's Beach, 17.9.16
  • Jack Sibley, 40lb, Alcatraz, 17.9.16
  • Martin, 39lb 14oz, Big Girls, 17.9.16
  • Jack Sibley, 38lb, Alcatraz, 17.9.16
  • Kevin, 37lb, Bob's Beach, 17.9.16
  • Andy Beaven, 31lb, Treeline, 17.9.16
  • Steve Chapman, 24lb, Baxter's Hole, 17.9.16

2,3,4 52lb Co's Point 17.9.16


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 17/09/2016

Gigantica continues to fish well, and what a week at Gigantica with twenty-eight carp being landed.  The 2,3,4 at 52lb and eight fish over forty pounds to back this one up.

September is truly here, with the leaves on the trees having started to fall, meaning winter is just around the corner.  The weather has been nice here during the last week, it's been 24 degrees throughout the day and down to a chilly 9 degrees at night.  The lake temperature has been falling slightly each week and it's now at around 19 degrees.

First up was Kevin, and he decided to go into Bob’s Beach as it has been doing so well over the past few weeks, which turned out to be a great decision.  Landing a total of eight carp for the week, Kevin was fishing all three rods in a line at 21 wraps towards the left hand side of The Alamo.  Kevin baited his spot that night with 4kg of Mainline Cell boilies, the next morning he was into his first fish of the week.  He goes and lands the Up Front Mirror at 40lb, then just after that he lands a 28lb mirror to back that one up.  The next morning he was in again, this time with a 37lb mirror known as Sammy, also landing two mirrors of 24lb and another this time weighing 27lb 8oz.  Tuesday morning Kevin was again into another fish, this time with a cracking mirror at 47lb12oz called The Survivor. He went on to have a 30lb mirror called Phill and a 23lb 12oz mirror.  Over the week Kev used 20kg of Mainline Cell boilies.  He was using the IQ D rig with a Cell bottom bait and Cell pop up fished snowman style.

Jack Sibley went into Alcatraz he had two rods wrapped up at 27 wraps, which were cast slightly left of The Stink.  His other rod was cast inline with Big Southerly at the same distance.  Jack started out by putting 1kg of Mainline Cell boilies over each rod.  It wasn't until the Tuesday morning that he was into his first carp of the week, a cracking 40lb mirror called Digits.  Later that morning he had a 20lb mirror.  Then on Thursday morning Jack managed to put the net around another fish, this time with the Almost Nude fish at 28lb, and then he managed to catch and land Two Faces at 38lb.  Jack was using a simple blow back rig with a snowman presentation.

Steve Chapman went into Baxters Hole, where he decided to fish two rods to a clear area at 16 wraps inline with The Alamo, and his third rod was cast at 16 wraps towards The Stink.  Steve baited up with a kilo of Mainline Cell boilies over each rod, and his first fish come on the Sunday morning, which was a nice 24lb mirror.  Then on Thursday morning he was in again, this time with another 24lb mirror, but it wasn’t long before he was into his third fish of the week.  This time a cracking 48lb common called Wide Angle, and what a cracker it was too.  Fishing just a simple bottom bait rig with a snowman presentation done the trick to fool these Gigantica carp.

Simon went into Co’s Point and he decided to fish the same spots that has been producing the fish over the last four weeks.  So Simon wraped two of his rods up at 27 wraps and cast them towards the grass bank and the other area was 25 wraps towards the big round green tree.  Si was spodding out 3kg of Mainline Cell boilies every day just before dinner.  He was using a simple blow back rig with 8 inches of Hybrid Soft with a size 4 Kurv hook with a simple boilie as his hook bait.  His first fish come on Monday morning, a cracking 42lb common called the Furious Common, and then on Wednesday he had The 2,3,4 at 52lb.  On the last morning Simon managed a nice 37lb mirror.

Martin set up in Big Girls this week and he put his first rod at 11 wraps towards the tall thin tree, his other 2 rods were cast towards the reeds at 21 wraps.  He started of Saturday evening with 2 kilos of boilies over each rod, and it wasn’t long before he was into his first Gigantica carp.  This one came at first light and a cracking fish it was too, a 43lb 8oz mirror called Mr Chow.  Just after landing this he has another take, this time on his right hand rod which was cast next to the reeds at 21 wrap.  After a good battle he lands The Clean Fish at 39lb 12oz.  On Tuesday morning Martin goes and has Equalled at 40lb.  It slowed up after that for Martin, but he was so pleased to catch those three fish in a week.

Stuart Atkins went into The Alamo, and he was fishing the left side of this double swim because his mate decided to go on the other side.  Stuart had two rods at 25 wraps, which were in-line with Baxters Hole and the other one was at 15 wraps in-line with the Stock Pond swim.  He put out 3kg of Mainline Cell boilies over his long range spots with his throwing stick, and a kilo over his short spot.  It took a few days for the carp to move in on him, but when they did he had a cracking 43lb 10oz mirror called The face.  Stuart then went on to land a 20lb mirror and a 32lb 12oz common.  They all come on a semi stiff coated hook link with a size 4 hook, baited with a Cell boilie and pop up snowman style for his hook bait.

Andy Beaven went into the Tree Line.  He started fishing along the far margin but after seeing a few carp show out to the right of the swim in open water he moved two rods round and cast them to where they were showing.  That turned out to be 25 wraps, and he then baited up with a few kilos of Mainline Cell boilies over this spot.  Andy was using a IQ D rig with a Cell wafter as his hook bait, and it didn’t take long before he was into his first fish a 20lb mirror and then he lands another 20 mirror this time weighing 28lb.  Andy then goes and ends his week on a high by landing a nice 30lb 8oz mirror.

Well that’s it for another wicked week here at Gigantica.  If you are coming or want to come out to Gigantica for a weeks fishing then please read all the catch reports that we do every week, they are up on the web site every Monday with all the information you need about rigs, bait, swims producing the fish and ideas of how to aproach these swims.  Also keep your eyes on Facebook and Twitter, because as soon as a carp is landed and photographed it is posted straight up on these sites.

We still have some spaces available throughout the rest of the year.  If you would like a last minute trip, or even make a booking for 2017 then please visit the website or call 01268 820440 for further information.