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  • Rowan Hill, 76lb, Bob's Beach, 1.10.16
  • Rowan Hill again with The Immaculate Common at 76lb from Bob's Beach in October 2016
  • Andre Kip, 71lb, Co's Point, 1.10.16
  • Ivan Gojda, 62lb 8oz, The Stink, 1.10.16
  • Andre Kip, 54lb, Co's Point, 1.10.16
  • Nick Tasker, 45lb, Big Girls, 1.10.16
  • Jeff Maskell, 44lb, Baxters Hole, 1.10.16
  • Rowan Hill, 41lb, Bob's Beach, 1.10.16
  • Andre Kip, 37lb, Co's Point, 1.10.16
  • Chris Clark, 35lb 8oz, Alcatraz, 1.10.16
  • Rod Hutchinson, 25lb, Stock Pond, 1.10.16

Rowan Hill, 76lb, Bob's Beach, 1.10.16


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 01/10/2016

Another cracking week here at Gigantica, with two 70lb fish being landed one of them being The Immaculate at 76lb, which hasn’t been out for two years and its still looks in pristine condition.  The other one was The Galaxy which went 71lb, and again in tip top condition.  There was a mixture of wind and rain throughout the week with a north-easterly wind at the start of the week turning to an easterly towards the end of the week, this making it feel very chilly.  The temperature was around 14 degrees in the day going down to 8 degrees at night, and the lake temperature was around 17 degrees.

We also had a fishing legend out this week, Rod Hutchinson a pioneer of carp fishing but also the most influential developer of carp baits and tackle.  Rod fished from the Stock Pond swim.  He was fishing to a clear area just at the bottom of the drop of, and it wasn’t long before Rod was into his first carp.  Not one of the biggest carp in Gigantica but very welcomed, a nice 25lb mirror and he followed that up with another mirror of 19lb later in the week.

Rowan Hill went into Bob’s Beach, a swim that is in fine form at the moment, he was fishing all three rods at 21 wraps casting in-between The Stink and The Alamo swims as he looked at them.  His first fish came on Sunday morning, just at first light it was his middle rod that ripped off.  It didn’t put up much of a fight and went straight into his net.  After weighing the fish and taking the photos it turned out to be Scratches which went 41lb.  The next morning around the same time he had a take on his right had rod which was cast just to the left of The Alamo.  Rowan could see the fish on the surface about thirty yards out and he could tell this was a big fish by the way it was coming in, and it didn’t take long before it was in his net.  As he looked into his net he could see that it was massive and a common too, could this be The Immaculate?  After getting the bailiff around and weighing the carp it was clearly ‘The Immaculate’ and it went 76lb, wow what a carp!!!.  Rowan was using the IQ D rig with a Gigantica Banoffee wafter as his hook bait.  He was baiting up every day with a 4kg mix of Mainline Cell and Essential Cell boilies using his throwing stick.

Over in Co’s Point this week we had Andre Kip.  Andre fished all three rods at 27 wraps to a clear area.  This area that has been producing the goods of late and this week was no exception!  For the week he landed three fish, the biggest being The Galaxy weighing 71lb's.  This was backed up with The Scar at 54lb and The Fly at 37lb.  For the week Andre used 30kg of boilies and baited with around 5kg every afternoon before dinner.  Rig wise a hinge stiff rig with a pop up on proved to be the downfall of Andre’s three fish.

Ivan Gojda was in The Stink, he was fishing two rods at 27 wraps towards Bob’s Beach, and the other rod was at 25 wraps towards Baxters Hole.  Ivan was baiting up every day with two kilos of boilies over each area.  It wasn’t until Thursday that Ivan had a take and it was well worth the wait because he landed Spences at 62lb 8oz.  He was using a simple KD rig with a boilie as his hook bait.     

Nick Tasker was set up in Big Girls.  On Sunday morning he had a take on his left hand rod which was cast towards the over hanging tree on the far margin at 15 wraps, after a good scrap he lands 2 C’s at 45lb.  This was on an 18mm Sticky Baits Manilla wafter attached to a IQ D rig.  Then in the early hours of Friday morning he landed Time-Laps at 40lb.  This was on his middle rod which was cast towards the reeds at 21 wraps. Over the week Nick used 25kg of Sticky Baits Manilla boilies.

Chris was in Alcatraz he was fishing to a clear area at 27 wraps just to the left of The Stink.  Another great area that has been producing fish over the past few weeks.  After a tough week Chris finally managed to land one on Saturday morning, just before he was packing up.  He had Buzz’s Half Linear at 35lb 8oz this came on a IQ D rig with a Banoffee Wafter as his hook bait.

Jeff Maskhall went into Baxters Hole.  Where he decided to fish two rods to a clear area at 16 wraps inline with The Alamo.  His third rod was cast at 16 wraps towards The Stink.  Jeff baited up with a kilo of Sticky Baits Krill boilies over each rod and his first fish came on the Wednesday morning, which turned out to be a nice 44lb common called Orchid.  Jeff was fishing just a simple bottom bait rig with a wafter as his hook bait which did the trick to fool these Gigantica carp.

Well that’s it for another wicked week here at Gigantica.  If you are coming or want to come out to Gigantica for a weeks fishing, then please read all the catch reports that we do every week.  They are on the web site every Monday with all the information you need about rigs, baits and swims that are producing the goods.  Also keep your eyes on Facebook and Twitter, as soon as a carp is landed and photographed it is posted straight up on these sites.

We still have some spaces available throughout the rest of the year.  If you would like a last minute trip, or even make a booking for 2017 then please visit the website or call 01268 820440 for further information.