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  • John, 73lb, The Alamo, 15.10.16
  • Ben, 52lb, Co's Point, 15.10.16
  • Rasto, 52lb, Stock Pond, 15.10.16

John, 73lb, The Alamo, 15.10.16


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 15/10/2016

After the success of last weeks 'mates trip' and seeing some of the lakes largest and some of the prettiest carp Gigantica has to offer, the expectations for this week was again high.

The weather has been what you would expect from a typical autumn week, with sunny days and highs of around 14 degrees but with chilly nights as temperatures struggled to get above 6 degrees. The wind direction for the week was predominately from the east.  Again leaving it feel rather chilly at times.  The water temperature is dropping and now is around 14 degrees.  At this time of the year the carp in Gigantica are often very active during the evenings and through the nights and a lot of the shows can be seen or heard at really close range.  Catching them can be tricky, but the lads this week where all up for the challenge.

The First few nights where rather uneventful for everyone, but just like buses they all come at once!  Just before first light on Wednesday morning something triggered a feeding spell and within a few hours we had three very large fish landed!

The first came over in The Alamo and John had landed the amazing Chunky!!  At nearly 2 years to the week on its previous capture, this brute of a mirror weighed in at a massive 73lb, and was in super condition.  John fished at 29 wraps to the Right of Baxter’s and baited up on dark with around 3 kilo of Mainline Hybrid boilies.  Rig wise a snowman style set up on a soft braided hooklink of around 10 inches long was enough to fall this very large but tricky character!

Over in Co’s Point Ben had also banked himself a rather large mirror during the early morning feeding spell!  The Nude Fish at 52lbs, and at a new top weight also!  Ben fished to the “Bald Spot” at 27 wraps and fished all three rods to this area.  Again like John, he fished over around 3 kilo of Mainline Hybrid boilies.

The final in the trio of big fish on what was a very hectic Wednesday morning fell to the rods of Rasto from Slovakia.  After making the mammoth journey of over 3000km round trip very worthwhile.  Fishing in The Stock Pond Rasto landed the Spotty Leather at 52lb.  Fishing at 29 wraps towards Oblivion Rasto baited from the point with around 5 kilo of boilies using both a catapult and a throwing stick and fished a double bottom bait hookbait on a semi-stiff hooklink.        

Over in Oblivion this week we had Kane.  Kane fished at 24.5 wraps towards Baxter’s and was rewarded for his efforts with a scaly 23lb mirror caught on an IQ D rig and a Banoffee wafter fished over 2 kilo Mainline Cell boilies.