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  • Will Nutt, 40lb 8oz, The Stink, 29.10.16
  • Rick Willmott, 48lb, The Alamo, 29.10.16
  • Rick Willmott, 44lb, The Alamo, 29.10.16
  • Rick Willmott, 40lb 8oz, The Alamo, 29.10.16
  • A birds eye view of the Main Lake
  • Sunset over the Big G
  • Steve Rocke, 28lb, Stock Pond, 29.10.16

Will Nutt, 40lb 8oz, The Stink, 29.10.16


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 29/10/2016

Well November is here and the weather is so mild you would still think you were in early September.  With south westerly winds and temperature up to 16 degrees through the day and eight degrees at night you would not believe we are in November.  But towards the end of the week we had a couple of cold nights where the temperature went down to 2 degrees and the next morning there was frost on the unhooking mats.  

As the nights get darker earlier this time of year at around 5.30pm there has been lots of fish activity just after dark, fish have been showing all over the lake, with some really big fish jumping out they must be getting ready for the winter, so lets hope they have a big feed up over the next few weeks.  The bigger fish are starting to come out now with two of the 70's and two of the 60's coming out over the last couple of week.

Will Nutt decided to go in The Stink, and he was fishing two rods at 25 wraps towards Bob’s Beach, and the other rod was at 25 wraps towards Baxters Hole.  Will baited up Saturday with two kilos of boilies over each area.  It wasn’t until Thursday that Will had a take on his left hand rod which was inline with Baxters Hole.  And it was well worth the wait because he landed the 'Heart Tail Common' at 40lb 8oz.  He was using a simple KD rig with a boilie as his hook bait.

Rick Willmott went into The Alamo, he decided to fish all three rods at 27 wraps.  Rick baited up Saturday with three kilos of boilies, then on Sunday morning he was into his first fish of the week, a nice 40lb 8oz mirror called 'Equalled'.  He then baited up again with three kilos of boilies over all three rods.  Around the same time the next morning Rick was in again, this time a cracking 44lb mirror called '2 C’s'.  It wasn’t until Friday morning that he was away again, this time he had a 48lb common, this turned out to be a new common that has never been seen before.  How many more carp will turn up un-caught out of Gigantica?  So it was christened after his mate that had a stroke a few weeks back.  'The Vicar' which is a name that they call him.  We all hope he gets well soon.  Rick was using a KD rig with a wafter as his hook bait.

Steve Rocke was set up in The Stock pond, he was fishing to a clear area at 26 wrap.  Steve baited up with 3 kilos of mixed of boilies and maize.  He was using a simple combi rig with yellow slow sinking plastic maize as his hook bait.  It wasn’t until Friday morning that Steve had a take on his middle rod, he goes and lands 'Pebbles' at 28lb.

Well that’s it for another week here at Gigantica, with five carp being landed it’s not bad for this time of year.  It goes to show that small amounts of bait are the way forward here at Gigantica at the moment and we recommend the Mainline Cell as a good bait option to use here in the winter, and please read the catch reports leading up to when you are due to come out and try to go in the swims that have been doing the fish.  Don't pick the swim before you get here as that is what a lot of anglers do as they watch the videos and go in the swims that are most popular in them and not where the fish have come out of the weeks before.