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  • Mikkel Thomas, 75lb 6oz, The Stink, 22.10.16
  • Nikolas Olesen, 67lb 4oz, Baxters, 22.10.16
  • Martin Skov, 62lb, The Alamo, 22.10.16
  • Benjamin Spaniel, 62lb, Co's Point, 22.10.16
  • Thomas Moeller, 57lb 6oz, Bobs' Beach, 22.10.16
  • Nikolas Olesen, 52lb, Baxter's, 22.10.16
  • Anders Frank, 46lb 6oz, Oblivion, 22.10.16
  • Anders Frank, 42lb, Oblivion, 22.10.16
  • Peder Lichtenberg, 32lb 4oz, Alcatraz, 22.10.16
  • Thomas Moeller, 33lb, Bobs' Beach, 22.10.16
  • Thomas Moeller, 30lb 4oz, Bobs' Beach, 22.10.16
  • Peder Lichtenberg, 29lb 6oz, Alcatraz, 22.10.16
  • Peder Lichtenberg, 28lb, Alcatraz, 22.10.16
  • Peder Lichtenberg, 41lb, Alcatraz, 22.10.16

Mikkel Thomas, 75lb 6oz, The Stink, 22.10.16


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 22/10/2016

It’s that time of the year again and it is the return of the Danish guys.  This group of lads are amongst some of the most constant and successful anglers we have here at Gigantica every year.

Year after year they produce the goods, and this year was again no exception.  This group of talented individuals all fish in a very similar manor, which is spreading large DT Baits N-Blend baits over a big area and fish a matching hardened hookbait over the top.  

Weather for the week was variable with a mixture of sun, wind and showers.  Night time temps. around 6 degrees, with highs of around 12 during the day.  The water temp has stabilized a little and is now around 12 degrees.

Thomas Moeller decided on The Beach, a swim that was in fine form. For the week Thomas managed six fish topped off by The Clown weighing 57lb 6oz, which he landed at last knockings on Saturday morning.  Thomas fished all three rods at 25 wraps, spread out between The Stink and The Alamo swims oposite him, and baited with around 25 kilo of 22mm boilies over the course of the week.  Either using a throwing stick or a Spomb.  Hook bait wise a 22mm hardened hookbait fished on a KD rig of around 9 inches proved to be successful for Thomas.

Peder Lichtenberg decided on Alcatraz, an area he knew well having fished this area a few times before.  For the week Peder managed 3 fish, with the best being a 41lb common.  His other two fish was another common weighing in at 31lb 4oz, and a 26lb 10oz mirror.  Fishing all three rods at 31 wraps, or 124 yards if you like, Peder introduced around 20 kilo of boilies using a throwing stick and fished a hardened 22mm hookbait on a KD rig.

Anders Frank fished the week in Oblivion, and managed to help himself to two fish! Oblivion has been a difficult area to crack of late but after finding a clear area at a massive 37 wraps, or 148 yards, Anders’s efforts and hard work paid off.  To actually watch him Spomb and fish at this range was impressive.  Tuesday morning Anders Landed 'Mammut' at 42lbs, and then followed that with The Face at 46lb 6oz, again at last knockings Saturday morning.

Nikolas Olesen fished in the inform Baxters swim, and managed a brace of amazing carp!  Firstly 'Two Time' at a Massive 67lb 2oz, and if that wasn’t enough his second being a truly stunning scaly creature; 'The Patched Fully' at a PB weight of 52lb.  Fishing at 25 wraps towards The Stink.  Like all the other Nikolas introduced large 22mm baits using a stick and fished a 22mm hardened hookbait over the top.

Benjamin Spaniel fished in Co’s Point this week, and as they say perseverance pays off.  Friday morning Benjamin received a take off an area he was fishing at 25 wraps.  Again in true Danish style, a spread of boilies and a hardened hookbait proving to be successful.  The result was 'Pips' at 62lb 6oz sitting at the bottom of his net, and a new PB for him also.   

Mikkel Thomasen fished in The Stink,and like Benjamin a take early Friday morning resulting in one of Gigantica’s most sort after carp!  The 'Immaculate' at 75lb 5oz!!  A very tricky fish to catch, but slipping up twice in a month!  Mikkel fished all three rods at 31 wraps towards The Beach and fished over four kilo of boilies.  Again a KD rig of around 9 inches and a hardened bottom bait proving to be successful.

Martin Skov fished in The Alamo,and again like Benjamin and Mikkel Friday morning was to be his morning.  Landing 'Roberts Fish' at 62lb, Martin fished at 27 wraps, or 108 yards in old money, and fished all three rods to this area.  Again fishing with big baits and a hardened hook baits.