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  • Steve Rocke, 86lb 8oz, Stock Pond, 31.11.16
  • Returning the Beast
  • The future of Gigantica is very bright indeed.
  • The motley crew from the Embryo stocking week
  • The potential monsters of the miniature form
  • Andrew Gibbins doing his scientific's great have an expert on hand!
  • One of the less glamorous tasks, removing the silt and fish waste from the stock ponds
  • DF and Buzz the Bailiff were having a great time
  • We discovered some amazing scale patterns
  • The first fish to be introduced since DF bought Gigantica...a historic moment
  • Jed with a 22lb Scaley Mirror from Big Girls
  • Netting the large stock pond completed, what treasures are going to be in the net
  • Richard with his first November Carp form Gigantica, Pole Position doing the business
  • Another stunning day dawns on the Main Lake at Gigantica
  • The first of the newly stocked fish to make an appearance....well done Andy Phillips and the gang
  • What an amazing end to the week, DF with the mighty Spences at 64lb 8oz from The Stink

Steve Rocke, 86lb 8oz, Stock Pond, 31.11.16


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 30/11/2016

November 2016 Round Up

The week commencing the 05 November saw the Embryo lads arrive at Gigantica for what was set to be a monumentous week in Gigantica history. For the last three years we have been rearing our own fish from the spawn which Danny and Simon Scott collected from the Main Lake. The plan for the week was to combine the netting of the stock ponds with a bit of angling on a night.

The stock ponds were drained down in anticipation to see how big the Gigantica Babies had got, and over the course of the next 3 days we graded the stock and finally introduced the first fish into the Main Lake since Danny has owned the lakes. A very proud moment for all those involved with the rearing process. In all, 38 fish were introduced; a mixture of Mirrors and Commons, with the biggest fish being a 13lb Mirror which Andrew Gibbins the Gigantica Stock Pond Guru christened as Hector.

On the fishing front, Jed who opted to fish in Big Girls had a bite on Tuesday morning from a shallow water spot in the corner. After a spirited scrap he slipped the net under a beautifully scaled Mirror which weighed in at 22lb. He was a very happy man to get off the mark on his first visit.

DF fished in The Stink for the week, and with some solid angling, and alot of persistence, he was rewarded in the early hours of Friday morning with a take which resulted in the capture of Spences at 64lb 8oz. Fishing at 30 rod lengths, an IQ D-Rig with a Mainline Prototype FYBER Wafter doing the trick.

Steve Rocke was fishing in the Stock Pond swim one evening when he heard two fish in front of him, one of which sounded like a good fish. Around 8.30pm he had a series of beeps on the right hand rod, and on closer inspection the Korda Stow Bobbin had pulled up tight and was holding against the blank. On lifting the rod, he connected with a fish which kited left out of the bay and underneath his other two rods, making things a little tricky, as he had to pass the rod under the other two, while trying to keep a tight line to the fish.

Eventually he was able to play the fish freely and without any further mishaps, he had it ready for netting; that was until he realised he didn’t have a head torch. With the fish swirling at his he reached out and put the net under an enormous pale looking flank, and managed to shuffle the fish into the folds of the net. Reaching for his phone he put on the torch and the enormous bulk of Fudgy's was staring back at him.

Steve fished at 55yds towards the stock ponds, using a 4oz Distance Cog Lead on a clear Dark Matter Leader. His 5" Combi-Rig with a Korda Kurv Size 4B was baited with three pieces of slow sinking Korda IB Maize. Fished over a kilo of chopped and crumbed Mainline Prototype FYBER boilie. 

Well thats it for November, hope Santa brings you a chunk in December.