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  • Gary Edwards, 44lb 8oz, The Stink, 28.2.17
  • Adam Aldridge, 36lb, Alcatraz, 28.2.17
  • Adam Aldridge, 27lb 8oz, Alcatraz, 28.2.17
  • Dinner at the Clubhouse after a hard days graft.
  • Andy Savage, 28lb, Alcatraz, 28.2.17
  • Everyone getting in on the action, what a cracker
  • Adam Aldridge, 37lb 8oz, Alcatraz, 28.2.17
  • Work is well underway re-building Oblivion

Gary Edwards, 44lb 8oz, The Stink, 28.2.17


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 28/02/2017

Main Lake – February 2017

After a very cold January, winter has finally loosened its grip on the Main Lake at Gigantica. February has seen some reasonable weather and the water temperature has started to rise. Even better news is that the fish have been feeding, with a good number of bites throughout the month. We had two weeks earmarked in February for the work party's to take place, and a big shout out to all the lads who volunteered to come out and give us a hand. Without all your efforts we wouldn't have got all the work done. A special mention must go to Deacon Olley, who's Mum and girlfriend drove him all the way out; dropped him off then came back a week later and did the same that's what we call commitment.

As the lake was quiet, Andy Savage decided to have a few nights in Alcatraz. Fishing at 24 rod lengths towards Scotties Corner; it took until Tuesday night for him to get his first bite of the year from a 28lb Mirror. The Gigantica Toffee Wafters, fished over ten Spombs of crumbed Mainline Toffee Prototype boilie and maize, with a bit of Mystic Spice Goo doing the trick. During the week, the lads cleared all the trees from around the stock ponds, rebuilt Big Girls, Oblivion and Alcatraz and also cleared trees from the Road Lake. What a great bunch, they couldn't have worked harder.

Saturday morning heralded the arrival of the next group of lads to help out. With nine of them opting to fish on the Main Lake we had to do the dreaded draw. A very excited Adam "Santa's Little Helper" Aldridge got his first choice and went into the Alcatraz. Again, fishing two rods on the 24 rod length spot towards Scotties Corner, he fished a tight baited area using a Spinner/Ronnie Rig on the Korda Helisafe’s. Early the next morning a call came through from Adam telling us that he had only gone and caught one on his first night! A lovely Common named, The Viking made for a very happy breakfast: or at least it would have done if he hadn’t had another two bites in quick succession, which resulted in him missing it! The magnificent Common named Foreign Legion at 36lb and a previously uncaught Mirror of 27lb 8oz, which Adam named “Sunrise” made it a day to remember.

Adam was over the moon with his first Gigantica captures, but that was just the start of what turned out to be an epic week for him. He also took a further six fish, taking his tally to a very creditable nine fish total including, Humpy at 37lb 8oz, Apple Slices at 42lb 4oz, My Bait at 32lb 4oz, The Richmond Fish at 34lb 8oz, Polly at 33lb 8oz along with another uncaught scaley stunner of 28lb which has been named “Santa” in light of the grey beard that Adam was sporting!

Gary Edwards fishing in The Stink had started to see a few fish show in front of him. Just like we advise all anglers to do; he spent some time carefully selecting his spots. He found a nice hard area at 23 rod lengths aiming towards Baxters, and put two rods on it, baiting lightly, but keeping it fairly tight. At 7.30am on Thursday morning a 23lb Mirror was a very welcome visitor to the bank. Elated with his first Gigantica capture, he then went on to catch two more or Friday morning. The best being The Clean Fish at 44lb 8oz and another uncaught 33lb Mirror which has been named ……..

As well as the fishing, work was completed on The Alamo, The Stink and Big Southerly to stop them from flooding in times of high water; along with the removal of snags from along the Treeline. The rake was put through some of the swims to assess what levels the weed was, but very little came out. We did retrieve branches which were festooned with line and rigs from The Stink and Co’s Point which will hopefully result in more fish landed this year.

There is always a never ending list of jobs which need completing, but our priority at Gigantica, is to make the fishing and facilities as good as they can possibly be. Alot will have changed over the winter since most anglers last paid a visit. We’re really looking forwards to welcoming our guests, both new and old in 2017. Here’s hoping that you bag a whacker.