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  • James Hayden, 84lb, The Stink, 18.3.17
  • Steve Bartlett, 38lb, Alcatraz, 31.3.17
  • Steve Bartlett, 28lb, Alcatraz, 18.3.17
  • Buzz, 32lb, Pole Position, 18.3.17
  • Buzz, 21lb, Pole Position, 18.3.17
  • Buzz, 22lb 8oz, Pole Position, 18.3.17
  • Buzz, 22lb, Pole Position, 18.3.17

James Hayden, 84lb, The Stink, 18.3.17


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 31/03/2017

Steve Bartlet   stayed on for another week after being on the work party the week before, and decided to go into Alcatraz and fish to the same area where Adam Aldridge was catching the week before. It wasn’t long before he was into his first Gigantica carp, he goes and lands The Resident at 38lb, this fell to an ISO- Sweet Pop Up and came from the 24 wrap spot inline with Scotties corner. The next day he was in again, this time a nice 28lb Mirror known as The Exocet, Steve fed ten Spombs of crumbed and chopped boilie, getting as much attraction into his area as possible, over the week he used 15kg of bait.

The second week of march and Buzz the Gigantica Bailiff was back after his time off, as there were no anglers on that week and he had the whole lake to him self, he started of fishing in Alcatraz, because of what carp had been caught there over the last few weeks, the week came and went with out a single bite. Well that’s carp fishing.

The third week of March brought five hopeful anglers to Gigantica, they were all waiting out side at the gate at 12.30pm all keen to get in. The drew was done and they all went of to their swims; but it wasn’t until Tuesday morning when James “The Plumber”called the Bailiff informing him that he had a beast in the net. He was greeted by a massive dark shape in the landing net, as the mesh was parted, there was no doubt it was Fudgy’s, it weighed in at 84lb. This came on a White Pop Up which was soaked in the one and only Wonderberry Goo, James was using the Ronnie Rig with a Size 4 Korda Curv B hook and a boom section of eight inches. This was attached to a Korda Dark Matter Clear Leader, James was fishing to a clear area at 16 wraps, and he baited with 3kg of the new Mainline Fyber Boilies and a kilo of Maize.

Buzz the Gigantica bailiff decided to go into Pole Position, he was fishing to a soft clay area at 31 wraps inline with the Stink. He put out a 10kg mix of Boilies and Maze with his Spomb on sunday, it wasn’t till Wednesday morning at 7.30am that he had his first take of the week, landing a nice scaly mirror called Bullet which went 32lb. This fell to a White Mainline Banoffee Pop Up soaked in the Wonderberry Goo. He followed this up with a pretty little 22lb Mirror.

The last week of March arrived and Pole Position once again did the business at 31 wraps. The first was a 22lb 8oz Mirror, known as Indian Spice, and a 21lb mirror called Cleavage. An IQ D Rig with a Mainline FYBER Toffee Bottom bait with a trimmed, boosted Indian Spice topper doing the business.

March has been nice and warm with temperature up to 22 degrees, and the lake temperature has been rising, its now up to 10 degrees, April is just around the corner and the carp have woken up, there has been loads of carp crashing all over the lake at night and at first light.

That’s it for another month, roll on the Summer!!