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  • Ashley Rich, 82lb, The Alamo, 06.05.17
  • Returning Fudgy's back to the clear blue waters of the Main Lake
  • Celebrating a new PB by over 30lb Gigantic style!
  • Yes!.....I've only gone and landed Fudgy's
  • Jim Povey, 39lb, The Alamo, 06.05.17
  • Jim was just a little bit happy with his result! What a fish.
  • Geoff Longley, 41lb, Co's Point, 09.05.2017
  • Harry Dale, 43lb 8oz, Pole Position, 06.05.17
  • Harry Dale, 27lb 8oz, Pole Position, 06.05.17
  • We did have a couple of nice sunny days, doesn't it look beautiful...
  • Pete Chambers in action in Alcatraz....gently does it, its on an 18ft zig!
  • Pete Chambers, 21lb 4oz, Alcatraz, 06.05.17
  • Michael Lever, 28lb, Baxter's Hole, 06.05.17
  • Jim Povey, 25lb 8oz, The Alamo, 06.05.17
  • Ashley Rich with one of the November 2016 babies, a future monster in the making

Ashley Rich, 82lb, The Alamo, 06.05.17


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 06/05/2017

Week Commencing 06 May

Another terrific spring week on the Main Lake at Gigantica, with a group of lads who were first time visitors. The weather for the week has continued to be very changeable with sunshine and showers. We did manage a couple of sunny days where the temperature reached a pleasant 22 degrees centigrade, and the overnight temperatures were fairly mild, just dipping below double figures. The wind blew from every conceivable direction and never settled for any prolonged period. Water temperatures have now reached fifteen degrees.

The walk-round the lake was done in nice dry conditions and everyone just made it back to the lodge before the heavens opened. Unfortunately the weather stayed that way for a couple of days and it was a bit of a damp affair for everyone setting up. Safe to say, the weather didn't dampen the spirits of the lads who were all raring to go.

Geoff Longley had managed to get himself into Co's Point and wasted no time in getting stuck in. He was fishing straight out in front at 27 rod lengths with all three rods close together. He was baiting with a mix of Mainline Cell and Essential Cell with hemp oil drizzled over. Terminal tackle was the highly effective COG lead system and IQ D-Rig baited with an Essential Cell Wafter. On Monday morning he received a rip snorting take and after a spirited fight landed a new PB Mirror known as Horseshoe at 41lb. He was buzzing for the rest of the week.

Jim Povey was across in Alamo and started off fishing at 24 rod lengths, but having seen a fish showing closer in to his left, he found a spot only 14.5 rod lengths towards the lodge. After baiting it on Sunday, he had a fast take on Monday morning on his Ronnie Rig baited with an 18mm Mainline Milky Toffee Pop-Up soaked in Buttercorn Goo. He was rewarded with a special and much sought after Mirror known as King Fully which weighed in at a very respectable 39lb. The weight is almost immaterial when you see how stunning this fish looks. Jim persevered all week, and it wasn't until Saturday morning when his next chance came. After a spirited fight he landed a lovely Linear Mirror known as Looking Busy at 25lb 8oz; making it two stunning scaley's for the week. A superb display of patient angling to get the best from a tricky week.

Doubling up in the Alamo was Ashley Rich, who fished all three rods straight out at 24 rod lengths towards Bob's Beach. He was is baiting with a mixture of Mainline Cell and Essential Cell, chopped and whole, which had been coated in Hemp Oil. Each day he baited up a tight area with fifteen Spombs to keep the area fresh. His first bite came from one of the November Stockies, a pretty little Common Carp weighing 6lb 14oz on Monday morning. After a few quiet days Ashley got "the" bite and after a dogged, ponderous fight he only went and landed Fudgy's at 82lb! He floated round the lake for the rest of the week trying to take it all in. He landed one of the smallest carp in the lake, followed by the largest carp in the lake!

Pete Chambers was set up in the consistent Alcatraz and his initial approach was to fish three rods on the bottom at 24 rod lengths towards Scotties Corner. There were a large number of fish showing in the central area of the lake which kept drifting in towards him. They were clearly taking the insect hatches, as the splashy shows gave the game away. He decided to change one of his rods over to a Zig to try and capitalised on the situation, and had a pick-up fairly quickly, which unfortunately managed to slip the hook. Undeterred, he plugged away and managed to land a 21lb 4oz Mirror known as Folded Tail Scaley on a 18ft Zig.

Harry Dale had chosen Pole Position to spend the week in, and after some deliberation and watching the carp feeding up near the surface, he decided that he would fish all three rods on Zigs. Being new to the method, after a bit of assistance from Andy Savage, the Gigantica Fishery Manager, he had all three rods out and his first chance came on Sunday evening, but unfortunately the fish was lost 10yds out when it made a sudden lunge. He was using black foam glugged in Mystic Spice Goo, on a Size 6 Korda Mixa hook on an 18 foot hook-length made up with 11lb Korda Zig Line. During the week he had another two chances and like a pro, landed them both. His first fish was the Galician which weighed in at 27lb 8oz, and he eclipsed that with his second fish, when he landed Stoneacres at 43lb 8oz. A very happy angler indeed.

Michael Lever played the patient waiting game in Baxters. Starting off with three rods fished straight out in front on the bottom, baiting tightly with the Spomb. When he started to see fish showing in the area, a change over to zigs heralded much better fortune. At 10am on Thursday morning he got the chance he had been waiting for when he had a rip snorting take and carefully coaxed in a nice 28lb Mirror known as All Aboard. Another first time Gigantica angler broke their duck. 

It was a brilliant week overall, with a fantastic group of lads, who all got on famously. They shared all the snippets of information they had gained and dinner round at the lodge was always a highlight of the day. There is still some unfinished business for a couple of them, so hopefully there will be a 2018 reunion. Tight Lines, and Bonne Peche.