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Angler Comments

We wish all our customers a Merry Christams and a Happy New Year, we hope your next carp is your biggest !

5 anglers, 3 from U.K. & 2 from Belguim. Again, a very tough week with no fish caught unfortunately. The weather, again, playing its part in what can only be classed as a tough week.

The English lads fished in Beach, Tree line & Co's Point, the Belguim lads choose to fish Pink & Stink.

With all recent evident fish movement the choice of swims were logical but again, the fish just didnt play ball.

Nothing was seen or heard for several nights until NYE when both the Belguim anglers and Wayne, fishing Co's point saw and heard several 'shows' through the night. Unfortunately, the activity didnt convert into a capture and it was back to the usual cold still nights upto the very last morning when again, Wayne, packing up on Co's saw several fish on the surface, roll but far to late to have helped as he was actually putting his gear away for the drive home.

It was strange that in, once all the anglers had left for home, I saw 3 fish in the same area that Wayne had pinpointed, with one fish, a clear 30lb+ fish coming clear of the surface.

Why hadnt they caught ? Im still scratching my head. Its been the last 4-5 weeks now, the fish have shown in the same general area and have been fished for, and fished for well but yet, still no chances ?  I just dont know, maybe were not fishing the feeding spots in the general area or are the lads fishing well, where there showing but just not eating in that area ? One thing is for certain, this recent cold area has shown up 2-3 areas that seem to be warmer for longer than the rest of the lake....perhaps this is a clue to where they may just be.

Only time will tell.

We hope you enjoy a great new year & look forward to seeing you, here on the banks in 2010, Be lucky.