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  • Stuart Young, 54lb 6oz, Treeline, 20.5.17
  • Joe Brewer, 52lb, Bob's Beach, 20.5.17
  • Joe Brewer, 48lb 4oz, Bob's Beach, 20.5.17
  • Joe Brewer, 44lb, Bob's Beach, 20.5.17
  • Haves Tharsen, 33lb 2oz, Alcatraz, 20.5.17
  • Haves Tharsen, 49lb 12oz, Alcatraz, 20.5.17
  • Haves Tharsen, 35lb, Alcatraz, 20.5.17
  • Luke Kent, 41lb 8oz, Pole Position, 20.5.17
  • Sean Aldrich, 39lb 12oz, Scottie's Corner, 20.5.17
  • Sean Aldrich, 38lb, Scottie's Corner, 20.5.17
  • Paul Currill, 34lb 4oz, Co's Point, 20.5.17
  • Buzz, 30lb, Stock Pond, 20.5.17
  • Haves Tharsen, 41lb 12oz, Alcatraz, 20.5.17
  • Alex Chat, 37lb, Stink, 20.5.17
  • Sean Aldrich, 31lb 4oz, Scottie's Corner, 20.5.17
  • Alex Chat, 30lb, Scottie's Corner, 20.5.17

Stuart Young, 54lb 6oz, Treeline, 20.5.17


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Available Spaces
Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 20/05/2017

Well another typical spring week here at Gigantica, a mixture of all four seasons rolled into one! A maximum temperature of 30 degrees was recorded this week with the average night time temperature sitting around 12 degrees, the water temperature has now reached 17 degrees and more and more fish are starting to group up around the edges and in the trees in readiness of spawning.  A gentle westerly breeze blows for most of the week, switching to a southerly late Thursday afternoon.

What a great week at Gigantica and some great lads as well, with twenty-three carp being landed, including two cracking Carp over fifty pounds.

First up was Joe Brewer who was fishing in Bob’s Beach, it didn’t take long before Joe was into his first ever Gigantica Carp, bagging the Survivor at 52lb. What a great start to the week, Joe was fishing in-line with the stink at 20 wrap, he was baiting up with the new Mainline Fyber Boilies around 3 kilos over his spot with an IQ D rig with a Fyber wafter hook bait. His second carp to grace the net was The Up Front Common a 48lb2oz. The next day he was in again this time it was The Leather which went 44lb, this come on his right hand rod which had a 20ft zig on and cast towards The Alamo. Joe went on to have another 2 x 20s which also come on zigs. What a cracking week for Joe and he is only seventeen years old.

Hayes Tharsen went into Alcatraz, he was fishing at 27 wraps left of the stink with one rod and the other two rods were cast in-line with Big southerly at 25 wraps. Hayes was baiting up every day with 3kg mix of hemp, maze and Boilies, Hayes first fish came on Wednesday and what a cracker it was, Goldeneye at 41lb 12oz, he then had a 25lb and 24lb mirror. After seeing a few carp on the surface he decided to put out a couple of zigs, it wasn’t long before he was into another Gigantica carp Rene’s at 49lb12oz, and then he had the Little Plated at 35lb and Two Faces at 33lb, what a week for Hayes landing some cracking carp.

Stuart Young decided to go into The Tree Line, he was fishing one rod to the base of the fallen tree and the other two rods were cast out to the right of the swim on Zigs, it was a very slow start for Stuart, but it all kicked off on Friday morning having three carp all within a few hours, it pays to keep to your baited area when fishing here at Gigantica, because when they do come along you can have a few carp in such a sort time. Stuart landed the one and only Fred! which went 54lb6oz, one that I think every angler would like to catch, he went on to have a couple of 20’s. The Spinner rig with Plastic maze was Stuarts rig chose for the week.

Alex Chat went into The Stink, he was fishing at 31 wraps in-line with Baxters, on Thursday he went and had Dave’s Common at 37lb, an IQ D rig with a Fyber wafter done the trick for Alex, over the week he used 10kg of boilies.

Paul Currill went into Co’s point he was fishing at 18 wraps in-line with The round trees towards the grassy wasn’t until Friday that he had a scramming take on his middle rod, after landing and taking the photo it was clear to see that it was Air Con which went 34lb6oz, over the week Paul used 20kg of boilies.  

Sean Aldrich went into Scotties Corner after seeing a few fish along the tree line when he was walking round before the draw, he decided to only fish two rods along the margin his first rod was cast down to the corner just in-front of an over hanging bush, the other rod was cast into the gap half way along the treeline. It wasn’t long before Sean was into his first carp of the week, a fish called Bernard’s which went 39lb12oz. He was resting the swim through out the day just to let the carp move back in and feed. Sean would then cast out just after tea to give him self the best chance of catching the carp. That evening he had commons off 30lb,31lb and a small 24lb. Sean was baiting up after every fish with around a kilo of Hemp maze and boilies. Then on the last evening Sean went and had Mad Max at 38lb, what a beautiful looking carp!

Luke Kent went into Pole Position, he started off by fishing all three rods at 27 wraps towards the Stink, after a few days of no action he went onto to zigs as there were a lot of carp on the surface, it wasn’t long before he was into a cracking 41lb8oz mirror called Smartie Pants. Luke used a 20ft zig with a piece of black foam cast it as far as he could towards the stink.

Buzz went into the Stock Pond swim as there was no one in there this week, the first rod was cast at 12 wraps towards the corner of the bay, the second rod was at 23 wraps towards the reeds and the third rod was cast at 25 wraps inline with Oblivion. He then baited up with two kilos of hemp Maze and boilies over each rod, then on Tuesday morning he went and had a fish called the Screamer at 30lb.

We still have some spaces available during the next couple of months, if you would like a last minute trip, or even make a booking for 2018, then visit the website or call 01268 820 440 for further information.