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  • Steven Kormoff, 53lb, Big Girls, 09.06.17
  • Steven Kormoff, 41lb 8oz, Big Girls, 06.06.17
  • Sunset looking out from Big girls
  • The Main Lake residents spawning in the margin's  09.06.2017
  • Watching out for signs of feeding carp on the Main Lake

Steven Kormoff, 53lb, Big Girls, 09.06.17


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 03/06/2017

This week on Gigantica with the weather staying consistent and temperatures up into the high 20s the carp are well into spawning mode, with lots of activity in the margins on the far side of the lake. The tree line giving us a spectacular view into the carp spawning behaviour and a chance to see some of the very rare visitors to the bank. With spawning in mind we it looked like it was going to be a tricky week to tempt the Carp into feeding.

With four first time guests on the lake this week it was important to cover as much water as possible with Scotties Corner and Big Girls looking really good on the walk-round, they were the first swims to go in the draw, followed by Co’s Point and Bobs Beach.

Steven Kormoff fishing in Big Girls was on the fish from the start and was quickly off the mark with a 23lb Mirror and shortly after a 21lb Common. With the fish showing all day long in the bay, surely it was only a matter of time before his next take and and sure enough at 6am the following morning he had The Rocke at 41lb 8oz. Another two fish graced his net;  including a 23lb Mirror and to top of a brilliant week, a new PB in the shape of The 2,3,4 at 53lb. Steven was using Sticky Baits Krill tipped with a 10mm Pop-up to make a snowman presentation. His first rod was fished 8 wraps into the left hand corner, the second at 16 wraps to the over hanging trees down the left hand margin, and his third was at 21 wraps towards Pole Position.

Anthony Pilkington fishing in Scotties Corner started his week off well with a 28lb Common, which fell for a Sticky Baits Krill Bottom Bait fished to the overhanging bushes at 8 wraps. As the week went on and the weather warmed up, the fish turned their attentions to spawning which hampered his chances of any further success. He remained positiive for the rest of the week, and continued to fish confidently, never letting his head drop.

With the hot weather forecast to continue, hopefully the fish will get the spawning out of the way, and get back down to some serious munching. Already this year, there has been an increase in the number of fish landed by 42% on 2016, which is absolutely fantastic news. The booking calendar is already open for 2018 and spaces are starting to fill quite quickly. Why not get a group of mates together and book yourself that well deserved fishing trip before its too late. We look forwards to seeing you all out here in the future.

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