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  • James Hayden, 55lb, The Stink, 10.06.17
  • Rowan Hill, 33lb, The Alamo, 10.06.17
  • Stuart Young, 45lb, Treeline, 10.06.17
  • Buzz, 44lb, Co's Point, 10.06.17
  • James, 39lb, Pole Position, 10.06.17
  • James Hayden, 36lb 8oz, The Stink, 10.06.17
  • Chris Clarke, 26lb, Alcatraz, 10.06.17
  • Buzz, 55lb, Co's Point, 10.06.17
  • Stuart Young, 49lb, Treeline, 10.06.17
  • Buzz, 37lb 4oz, Co's Point, 10.06.17

James Hayden, 55lb, The Stink, 10.06.17


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 10/06/2017

Things are really starting to warm up here at Gigantica with the weather getting hotter and daytime temperature’s around the 25 to 30 degree mark. With some rain and light thunder storms forecast for mid week the weather was a little unsettled. At least the fish are becoming really active and showing interest in feeding now, with most of the spawning out of the way.

This week was a lake exclusive booking with 8 Gigantica regular’s including Gigantica Bailiffs Buzz and James, along with Stuart Young, Will Nutt, Rowan Hill, Chris Clarke, James Hayden and Roger Myers. All with old scores to be settled and new ones to be set, the book opened on the biggest fish and the most fish caught during the week. The pressure was on and the guy’s had decided to make things a little interesting with everyone using the same bait; namely, Bait Works Royal Marine and Scent from Hell Pop-Ups. With the gauntlet thrown down it was time to get fishing.

First out of the traps was Stuart Young fishing Tree Line with a cracking 35lb mirror at 7am on Sunday morning; with the fish holding up in the snags along the tree-line it was just a case of getting them feeding. Stuart managed an excellent six fish in total during the week, including Starburst at 45lb, The Bullet at 34lb and his biggest fish was The Survivor at 49lb 6oz. Stuart was fishing two rods to the snags and the other to open water, with the snag rods proving to be the most productive over the course of the week.

Next out was Buzz the Bailiff who opted for Co’s Point,fishing to clear spots towards the middle of the lake at 26 & 28 wraps. Buzz opened his account with The Victory Fish at 24lb 12oz and followed it up with another three fish: Fight Club at 37lb 5oz, The weld at 44lb and his biggest fish was Pips at 55lb, putting him well in contention for the biggest fish prize.

Gigantica regular Roger Myers was fishing in Pole Position his rods at 27.5 wraps towards either side of The Stink and the other at 12 wraps into the vacant Stock Pond swim. Roger managed three fish during the week with the biggest being a 41lb 8oz Mirror.

Chris Clarke fishing Alcatraz was next off the mark with The Unattended at 26lb on Tuesday morning and then followed this up with four more fish including, The Well Hung at 39lb putting him one fish behind Stuart for the most fish for the week cash pot; he could almost smell the money but it wasn’t to be! Chris was fishing two rods to the raised hump at 24 wraps towards Scotties corner and the other at 31 wraps towards Big Southerly.

Then it was James Hayden’s turn fishing The Stink with his first fish of the week being The Leather at 38lb coming on Thursday, just after midday. He followed this up with two more on Friday; Broady’s Mirror at 36lb and The Stranger at 36lb 6oz. James was struggling to get above the magical 40lb mark until Saturday morning right on the final knockings at 8.30am when he landed a monster mirror known as Roberts Fish at 55lb. This placed him joint first place in the biggest fish competition. On a more dubious note, James also held the record for the only Bream to require the use of the boat to land it and perhaps the details of the naked spodding should be kept under wraps!!

Next up was James the Bailiff fishing in Scotties Corner. James waited until the last knockings for his first fish, then like buses two came at once on Saturday morning. This resulted in him landing Paw Print at 39lb (James first fish from the Main Lake) followed by a 22lb Common. James was fishing two rods to the snags in Scotties corner and one rod 22.5 wraps into open water all on the Ronnie Rig and Korda Cog lead system.

Long time regular Rowan Hill was fishing in the Alamo and he also left it until the last possible minute to register a fish on the scoreboard. Saturday morning at 8am saw him land Two Scales at 33lb caught at 32 wraps towards Pole Position.  

After a great weeks banter and fishing, Buzz and James Hayden split the prize pot for biggest fish, while Stuart Young had a clean sweep on the pot for most fish.

Why not book yourselves a lake exclusive, settle some old scores and enjoy making some new ones whilst catching some of the finest carp France has to offer.


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