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  • Dave Anderson, 55lb, Big Southerly, 17.06.17
  • James Hayden, 56lb 8oz, The Stink, 17.06.17
  • Dave Anderson with Pip's from Big Southerly 17.06.17
  • Dave Anderson, 32lb, Big Southerly, 17.06.17
  • Darren Walker, 34lb 4oz, Treeline, 17.06.17
  • Darren Walker, 32lb, Treeline, 17.06.17
  • Darren Walker, 38lb, Treeline, 17.06.17
  • Dave Anderson, 36lb, Big Southerly, 17.06.17
  • Dave Westwood, 31lb 8oz, Pole Position, 17.06.17
  • Dave Anderson, 44lb 8oz, Big Southerly, 17.06.17
  • Keith was a happy man after his first capture.
  • Keith Burns, 25lb 8oz, Alcatraz, 17.06.17
  • Marco Zydek, 26lb, Big Girls, 17.06.17
  • Darren Walker releasing Lennie's back to the depths.

Dave Anderson, 55lb, Big Southerly, 17.06.17


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Available Spaces
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Bailiff Comments

Week Commencing: Sat 17/06/2017

What a scorching week we've had at Gigantica this week. The heat has been relentless with temperatures over 35 degrees most days. With the air pressure being stable, but high, at around 1020 we did wonder if it would be a struggle to get some bites. Spawning has now finished on the Main Lake so surely some of the fish would be up for a carp buffet. We had six anglers on the lake this week, with five of them being first time visitors.

Darren Walker had his heart set on the Treeline, and he was successful at the draw, getting his first choice. He decided to fish up towards the fallen tree, placing one rod at the end of the branches, and the other one at the base of the tree, which he cast across and placed by hand. His other rod went out in to open water, covering all the bases. on Tuesday morning at 11.30am Darren called to say he had landed one and we went around to take pictures of the God father of Soul at 34lb 8oz. He then got into a routine of baiting up and accurate casting going on to land a further three fish during the week. The Richmond Fish at 32lb and then bizarrely, he had the Common known as Lennie’s twice at 38lb in the space of two days! He was baiting up with Sticky Baits Manilla boilies and then presenting and IQ D-Rig, a Size 4, Korda Wide Gape hook baited with an Essential IB Wafter. A great weeks angling for a first time visit.

Dave Anderson picked the somewhat out of form Big Southerly; which has been fished inconsistently all year. Not wanting to fish at long range he found a nice clear area towards the left hand marker at thirteen wraps, and the other two rods were straight out in front at 20.5 wraps towards Alcatraz. On Monday morning Dave broke the barren spell in the Big S with a cracking Mirror known as Pip’s; weighing in at a well spawned out 55lb. The fish came from the 20.5 wrap spot and took a 20mm Sticky Baits Manilla Wafter on an IQ D-Rig. With confidence high, Dave went on to land a further three fish; satisfyingly getting a bite off all his rods by the end of the week. The Nude Fish at 44lb 8oz was the first to pay him a visit, followed by two thirties; Chop Dorsal at 32lb and finally to round off a great week, the Grey Plated Mirror at 36lb.

Keith Burns went into Alcatraz and set about finding some areas closer in which were nice and clear. The 22 wrap spot towards Scotties Corner has been clear all year and has produced good numbers of fish. Keith put two of his rods on this spot and went with a long hook link Spinner Rig baited with a Pacific Tuna bottom bait and two 15mm Pop-Ups on top. At 8am on Sunday morning he had a steady take and after a spirited tussle a 25lb 8oz Mirror known as Black Scale was being held up for a trophy shot.

Dave Westwood dropped into Pole Position, which has been a consistent producer all year. Like Keith, he was looking to fish a bit closer in as he felt that he couldn't reach the spots at long range . The productive spots in Pole have been at 27.5 wraps towards The Stink and this was right on the limit of what Dave could achieve. He worked really hard to get out there, and after a bit of casting practice with Fishery Manager, Andy Savage he improved to the point where he was getting it right nearly every time. Dave was using 2.75lb test curve rods and when we gave him a set of heavier rods to use he showed what good technique he had, by smacking the line clip every time at 27.5 wraps! We would advise people who are coming out to Gigantica to bring some rods with 3.5lb or above test curve (ideally), as this gives you far more options in the swims with longer range spots. We are more than happy to help you out with your casting technique to gain some extra yards. During the week, Dave remained positive and patient (essential when the going is tough on here) and got his reward at 1.30am on Saturday morning when a 31lb 8oz Mirror known as Herbert picked up his Spinner Rig with a Baitworks Royal Marine Bottom Bait, which had been drilled out and an 8mm dumbbell inserted. A great result for his perseverance.

James Hayden AKA “James the Plumber, AKA “The Naked Spodder” AKA “James the Pant Sniffer” stayed on for a second week to help out and give the plumbing on site a service to keep things running smoothly. Amazingly, he managed to get himself back into The Stink and went back on the same spots he had been fishing the previous week. After a couple of quiet days, the fish arrived in front of him, and James duly obliged when he had a rip-snorting take just after midnight on Tuesday. The resulted in an epic battle for him, which he managed to win; his result being another Gigantica chunk in the shape of Spence’s at 56lb 8oz. It picked up a Baitworks Royal Marine bottom bait on a Blow-Back Rig at 18 wraps towards the corner of the Treeline swim.

Marco Zydek made the long journey up from Switzerland, and was chomping at the bit to get started. He was very decisive at the draw and and went straight up and selected Big Girls. Despite a bit of a language barrier, with lots of hand gestures, pointing and laughing we got him sorted out and onto the spots which had been productive of late. The fish were visiting the swim periodically during the week, but it took until the early hours of Saturday morning before he finally got his chance. Using the Mainline FYBER bait, mixed with maize, the 26lb Mirror was very welcome visitor. He caught the fish using a FYBER Pop-Up on a Spinner Rig at 21 wraps in line with the Stock Pond swim.

James the Gigantica Bailiff was looking after the Main Lake this week and once everyone had made their choice he decided to put the rods out in the Stock Pond swim. He fished all three rods at twelve wraps in a line from the right hand margin and spread baited 5kg of boilie with the throwing stick. This is a tactic which will come into play more and more now the fish have spawned and are actively looking for food to replenish the weight that they have lost. Not long after putting the rods out on Saturday evening a mid twenty mirror picked up his Spinner Rig baited with a Baitworks Royal Marine Bottom Bait, which had been drilled out and an 8mm dumbbell inserted.

It was a great week, spent in great company and the time just flew by. The lads have all vowed to return for another crack at the monsters swimming in the beautiful clear waters of the Main Lake. We can't wait to have them back, tight lines until then.